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  1. Being an astrologer I must say Kundali Matching is Necessary but you know there are many fake people calling themselves astrologer. If you go for Kundali Matching, you may be cheated becasue this is time consuming task and no one would entertain more than half an hour. If you are Manglik, search for a scholar who can match your horoscope. Because if your marriage heppens with someone who is not Manglik, that would be harmful to your life. Other than that, its depends upon you, whether you consider it or not.
  2. According to this planetery positions let me explain what will heppen in your life. You may feel sleeplessness due to Saturn. You would have injury in foot, leg many times but everytime you will be saved by Mars. The Mars will save your money. You may have forign travel in your life many time. If you want to know about Sun and Saturn's sway in more depth, you need to look into Shodashvarga, Dreshkon Chakra, Navmansha and Afterall you must know about Ashtakwarga. What is degrees of planets, what nakshatra,,,, Many many things are there to analyze. You cannot predict just reading horoscope by Janam Lagna.
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