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What may not be quite so obvious is that what is happening in our world is an outer reflection, for want of a better way of putting it, of what is taking place within consciousness.<o:p></o:p> Consciousness is impersonal but at the same time it functions in such a way that the human organism, which is an apparatus of consciousness, enables it to grow into a deeper intuitive understanding of itself, in the process of this taking place the gestalt of consciousness itself changes, the human experience as a result gains a deeper understanding of itself.<o:p></o:p> What is required now at this point in time is a breakdown of what has up until now been somewhat functional in the development of humanity, the ego concept, and in fact this is what is taking place.<o:p></o:p> This concept, which consciousness itself has up until now held true of itself, except for the occasional few, is the idea that there exists within each human form a separate being who has volition of its own to function against all action that is taking place throughout existence. This one concept has led to the idea of separation and the suffering of consciousness itself as apparent separate beings, humanity. There is in truth no volitional ability at all as all action that takes place through the human form is being done by the WHOLE and not an apparent part.<o:p></o:p> The letting go of this concept, which can only be done by consciousness itself, requires the letting go of all that is believed to be true of humanity, all that consciousness itself, up until very recently, has believed about itself.<o:p></o:p> The breaking down of this ego concept involves the facing of the structure of the concept of separation at the level of feeling, the level of perception, and this involves the arising of fear and the remaining present to it without developing strategies to avoid the fear. It is these strategies that have created the present day situation, all based upon the concept of separation.<o:p></o:p> The greatest fear that we know as apparent separate beings is the fear of death, all other fears are based upon this one. Each time one is able to stay present to fear at the feeling level without analysis by the intellect that fear dissolves leaving nothing in its place. The very last fear that consciousness will be present to, which is the fear of the death of oneself as a separate being, leaves nothing at all, emptiness. This emptiness is then seen to be the Truth of oneself and all apparent others.<o:p></o:p> What we are seeing happening in consciousness as present day events is the breakdown of this ego concept. As it struggles in its death throes it clutches desperately to control and delay its impending death, this is reflected outwardly upon the screen of consciousness as the control that governments and those above them are trying to enforce and it is clear that it is getting desperate.<o:p></o:p> Each of us believes that we are a separate being amongst other separate beings and this is not the Truth. We are not a we but an apparent we, a manifestation of the One consciousness. This includes all those apparently separate others who appear as the negative players within the game of consciousness, we are all One. When this fact is seen it is also seen that all the events that are taking place are one's own and unless this is seen the belief that it is not so reinforces the separative actions that arise in consciousness.<o:p></o:p> The answer to all that is happening as the unfolding events of the world is to awaken to the realisation of what one is and in this realisation the world will change as a consequence. Where separation is no longer seen the actions of consciousness will no longer be separative actions but inclusive actions, benefiting all mankind.<o:p></o:p> This is happening, no one is doing it for there is no one, there is only consciousness itself unfolding and giving rise to actions that appear as the play of existence.<o:p></o:p> Awakening is already happening, for some the facing of these fears has begun and for others the outer changes will leave no choice put for them to be faced, the result will be mass awakening.<o:p></o:p> Love is the answer, Love for those who appear to be negative in their role in the play as well as Love for those who appear as the positive aspect of what is essentially ONE unbroken consciousness unfolding.<o:p></o:p> In the Light of this Love all are seen to be Oneself awakening.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> In this Love with you AS you Avasa <o:p></o:p>
  2. What is appearing AS and manifesting THROUGH these forms as actions (of thinking, feeling and physical action) is One Being. In some forms this One has realised its Self and in others it plays the game of hiding itself within concepts that it has about itself and is plays at seeking. ALL is One Being. YOU therefore are this One. BodhiAvasa.
  3. Theist Take a look and see if you can find anyone or anything when a thought arises, if you are honest with yourself you will see that there is no one , nothing , just a thought arising. All is arising in nothingness, th eimagined person is a total illusion that the nothingness itself holds until it ceases to fool itself. There is thinking but no thinker, that is the fact. Avasa
  4. Zade The answer is NOT to look into the future but to stop avoiding the present moment and what it is offering. The sensation that you are presently feeling you are trying to avoid by looking into the future, it i soNLY by allowing yourself to feel this present moment sensation that your answer can come. The feeling of this moment is your gift from the Divine, welcome it and feel it fully and the future will look after itself. Love avasa
  5. It matters not what colour Shiva is but what the colour of the one that sees him is. What sees him has no colour. All colour is created by this One. Avasa
  6. Colette The "I" that IS is what we all are and it appears as this dream. I is what sees all the thoughts and all the feelings and at the same time is manifesting AS them. Try as one might there is no getting away from the fact that all is One, none of it is personal. Avasa
  7. If all is really SEEN to be a dream then where is the one that does anything? In a dream there is doing but no doer for there is dreaming but no dreamer. Redsoxs there is no YOU who can do anything for all that is taking place is being done by the One. Everything that has ever taken place through that form and all that is happening now and all that is to happen is not being done by an individual but by the only One that actually exists AS the dream. We, as these apparent separate forms are simply dreamed objects and all that these forms do is of the nature of the dream, all is happening spontaneously, all is arising without prior plan now and now and now from the eternal nothingness. All is already the only way that it can be and there is nothing that an imagnined individual can or need do to chaneg anything. When the realisation that the individual separate one does not actually exist dawns then all is seen to be One Self manifesting. This realisation is enlightenment. Be of good cheer my friend for Life is living you. Love Avasa
  8. The Guru one gets is the one that one is worthy of. If the Guru manifests certain attributes that do or do not go along with what the disciple expects then they are a reflection of where the disciple is and is not clear in his or her seeing. The Guru is a mirror.
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