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  1. Thanx alot, I've been out anyway but will be back tomorrow for anymore information.
  2. That looks really nice. At some point could you translate the name Oakley for my sister she last week has given birth to her first child and would like to have his name tattooed on her foot. it is pronounced OAK-LEE (SOUNDS LIKE THE END OF MY NAME EMI-LEE / OAK-LEE). Also sorry to be ignorant but what languages have you translated is it hindi? devangiri?? You've been really helpful so many thanks, Im really excited to be getting the tattoos tomorrow!!
  3. Grey as in the colour - sorry for the delay didn't see your response. I believe the Callum I have chosen is correct and I thank you for your good work.
  4. Does it read from right to left by the way? and do you have a symbol for "AND" like we have a "&" sign? Also are your numbers different to English one such as 1234567890 so I could do birth dates? would they change if I linked them together for a birth date such as 20.09.06. Prounounciation of Graeme is more like gray-em. Mny thanks
  5. tHATS BRILLIANT, i THINK ITS THE SECOND ONE WHICH LOOKS GREAT! Did you post Emily? My husbands name is Graeme, BUT WOULD PREFER GRAY FOR SHORT AS IN THE COLOUR GREY BUT WITH AN a not an e any problems get back to me.
  6. i believe it is the same as billy, it is hard to break it down or give you another example as I cannot think of anything else that sounds like it. I KNOW I'M CHEEKY BUT COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE ME MY NAME TOO. I only ask because I have searched so long to get these translated and fear I may not find someone as helpful as you again. Many thanks Emily
  7. Avinash could you please forward cal-lum, sorry I took so long to reply my computer crashed. so i'm not sure if you replied and i lost it. thank-you
  8. Thank-you so much I think you are right about callum i think the second pronounciation would be correct cal-lum, if you could please forward that. You dont know how much it will means to me to have this done, I cannot thank you enough.
  9. Thank-you so much I have found the translation of callum which was the correct prounounciation so thank-you. Could you possibly translate my daughters name also phoebe " fee-bee" (pronounciation).
  10. Thanx for your I help, I did use that link but it did not find me a source of help, it gave me a list of other peoples requests. I did see a source on this website a few days ago but it is so complex I dont think i'll ever get my childrens names translated (callum, phoebe) for a tattoo I am so desperate for. Any other help greatly appreciated
  11. Where do I find that thread and how do I link the different letters, please mant thanx emily
  12. HELLO ALL! Could anyone out there please translate the names Callum Phoebe (pronounced fee-bee) and the words "forever loved" anyhelp apreciated sooo much as I have been looking and searching endlessly. Em
  13. I was born in and live in England. I discovered this site from alot of searching (with no joy) for a translation of my childrens names "Callum" and "Phoebeforever loved" or "forever with me" for a tattoo I have wanted since they were born as a dedication of my love to them. my son is 3 now and although I have not been searching that long I have wanted this tattoo since he was born and his little sister has joined us since then! I have no other tattoos and no desire to get any others, just this special one. I have seen alot of people have had names translated but I fear maybe I have discovered this site too late and my request is under a very large pile of requests. I understand this and my search continues. It would be an idea to maybe save some of the things that have been translated all in one place for others to view to save making the same request. I would like to see them in any script. Any help greatly appreciated. Em
  14. Please could you translate the names "Callum and Phoebeforever loved". many thanx Emily
  15. So sorry another name request for another tattoo. The names I am requesting are: "Callum & Phoebe" "forever with me" You must be very busy doing this but be assured it is greatly appreciated and you will have made alot of people very happy, i'm sure. Many thanx Emily.
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