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  1. Ok..i am really pissed off from the seeing the harsh comments put towords the Swaminarayan sampraday...many people do not have a clue about the Swaminarayan sect and still they talk negatively. In the shikshapatri yes bhagwan swaminarayan does praise lord krishna and he does say that bhagwan kishan is the supreme being....but he doesnt say that he himself is not god...hinduism is polytheistic..so Bhagwan Swaminarayan is God and an reincarnation demigod just like Krishna Bhagwan...so i dont get why people are saying that bhagwan swaminarayan was not god he was a guru ? likewise can i not say the same krishna was not god he was a guru? Before you post your reply please make sure you do not discriminate any God's...and let this be a peaceful discussion PS: i am not of BAPS but truley do respect BAPS and any other sanstha's...
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