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  1. Hello fellow travelers . I and my family are planning to visit Pandharpur. This will be our first traveling experience this far. I have heard that Pandharpur temple festival will be held till 19th July , and i don't want to waste this auspicious moment. Can you please guide me for traveling to pandharpur. Thank you .
  2. I really want to know where does the money which people give in the temple goes. There are so many beggers in pathetic conditions outside the temple. Each and every god lived to give rights to these people. But i think todays generation doesn't respect it . Have you realized there are so many poor people outside the temple begging. Have the priest ever realized to donate the amount which he gets from the people who willingly donate to the idols? This will make god happy if the priests donate the amount from the box to these people. Peace!
  3. My Kul devi is Devki krishna ravalnath from Goa. I visit this temple once in a year. But from 2 years i havent visited it even once, despite going once with friends to GOA. Please tell me what should i do. I don't get much time for a holiday because of my job
  4. This book claims that it gives all the information about hindu mythology. Yatra2Yatra is the name of the book
  5. Thank you... Looking forward eagerly to visit this holy temple.
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