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  1. I am selling whole collection of Gaudiya Vaisnava authors.All of the books are from Iskcon and Gaudiya Matha.Please inquire for list.
  2. Nice name Rhyme of Samuel.
  3. A little bit more of purple and pink, please. Jay!
  4. Your observation is well taken. The similarities between god-brothers and god-sisters are quite natural. No surprise. Of course,they talk and write between each other which special glowing colors to use on different forums that everybody can see their <font color="pink"> </font color> knowledge.
  5. As JNDas ji stated, please follow this courtesy and watch your language while throwing your comments around and do not confuse between forum members and non-members. I never expect you nor other 'manjari bhava upasaks' to agree with my posts. Hari Bol! If that's him,anuraq from Raganuga.com then Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde are small timers.Just again read above posted from him.
  6. And I believe your group should also change its name from "International Society for Divine Love" to "International Society for Kripalu's Brand Of Divine Love". Then it would be ISKBODL, sounds almost like ISKCON. Perhaps you may no longer use the ISDL name, though, as Didi Ji who founded the society for Kripalu Ji left the ranks a while ago. I don't know. Finally.Whenever i see postings of anuraq on Raganuga.com i am avoiding it immediately.
  7. I am just wondering whom you are educating with such a attitude?Raga mentioned that forum is for the devotees which aspire or practice for MBS,but not only for them.As a philosopher (i studied philosophy too)you should be educated not to be so aggressive regarding peoples opinions or philosophies.Instead,again what i have learned is that as a philosopher one approaches other person with an attitude which is based in respectfulness of somebody else ideas or teachings.Thats the primary.After that one can debate in a civilized way,share,learn or teach.Unfortunately,i still see just seeds of totalitarianism deeply embedded in your persona. One another thing,your way of calling devotees on raganuga forum so called devotees,because they are on so called raganuga discussions just shows how jealous you must be of them all,including Raga. Facilitator
  8. Dasas,prabhus or whatever you are respectfully called, Raga did not use any offensive or insulting comments.I think some of you may be overreacting towards him.The way how manjari bhava upasakas term is used in Shas posting insults me like devotee and a member of worldwide devotee community.It is written in a way that he actually says that people which are following certain sadhana are on a lower scale.I certainly don't go around and measure people or look upon them if they are white,black,red,brown or yellow or if they follow this or that religion or spiritual way.I respect people no matter what their background is.I like to learn and share.Obviously some pretend that they do that,when in reality they don't.That is how i did understood it.Please,be so nice and clarify it.Also,please apologize to Raga,because your post is authoritarian and single minded.
  9. Damir, You are the only one who knows the truth.
  10. So what if you know sutras?Damir or Davor,are you Damir Rozman maybe?Gopal Prema Svamiji perhaps?
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