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  1. If you really wants to get rid of this black magic you will have to follow the steps mentioned above:- 1) Wake up early morning before 4:00 AM and take bath. 2) You have to chant the name of your eshta devta for not less than 1.5(one and half) hour. Chanting the name of your eshta devta or any other name of god or it can be replaced by any mantra like Gayatri mantra will not effect differently it will act as same as the GOD is one but names are different.Chanting the name will effect positively and will create a circle filled with positive energy around youand evil spirits will not enter that circle andif they enter that circle they will get killed or will be send back to the responsible person to teach him a lesson.If you want the quick relief then you should chat HANUMAN CHALISA for 1.5(one and half) hour.But make sure the duration of time is to be maintained not less then 1.5(one and half) hour.If you want to increase the duration like if you increased it to 2.0(two) hour then you have to maintain it to 2.0(two) hour daily. Important Note:- You have to also quit alcohol and flesh because evil spirits like these things.
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