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  1. hey docitduo and suvarchasji greetings..


    its a very interesting subject..tank you for ur contribution..


    have done a calculation but wantto run it with you to see if its correct..


    sun 23.55.57 libra..moon 15.12.51 aries====218.67 add 93.20==311.87..which is 10signs/11degrees/87 min..which is aquarius shatabhisha nakhshtra(lord-rahu)==yogi


    311.87+186.40=498.27==16sign/18deg/27min..which is leo purva phalguni nakshatra(lord venus)= avayogi


    is this calculation correct respected sir

  2. hi everyone..


    am currently running rahu mahadasha..its in 4th house with 9/2 lord venus..in ketus moola nakshatra and in saggitarrius house..is it benefic or malefic for me


    can I wear lagnesh (virgo gemstone)--emerald and gomed for this rahu mahadasha..currently wearing a diamond..someone suggested a ketu stone, cats eye as he is rahus nakshtra lord..


    learned members pls guide me make a decision,thank you.


    10th nov 1973..4,30am..mumbai




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