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  1. My resolution is to increase my bank balance from ten crores of rupees to one hundred thousand crores of rupees! And then I will hoard it all! No seriously I just wish to re-dedicate myself to Lord Krishna's lotus feet. I have wandered off again, like a lost sheep. Please take me back and make me strong. I must become a pure devotee!
  2. I pray to Lord Nrsnghadeva that whoever is behind this is caught and rewarded by the Government! What cowards, killing innocent women, children and devotees because they want something material? Move then to someplace else; don't throw bombs in the temple! But it is a greater problem than this. Srila Prabhupada said the next Great War will be started by Pakistan, according to reliable sources. What to do but chant Hare Krishna with great sincerity, which unfortunately I have yet to do. My sincerist and most heartfelt condolences to all the Vaishnavas of the Lord at this time especially in Manipura who are experiencing such great loss.
  3. What about the mirror the astronauts supposedly left on the moon? Scientists have been bouncing light beams to the mirror and getting back reflections since it was placed somewhere haven't they? If it was placed somewhere, was it on Rahu? Is the Earth really flat according to part of the Vedas? If so, how does someone who heads East end up going continuously around the world from East to West? How do these parallel things work?
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