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    Dear Viji, In Hindu religion, there are many people who do not believe in God. Well, I agree with you that it may seem bad to a devotee of God. But, it has a positive side too. Because, instead of believing in something blindly, if people believe in it after discussions, then their belief will be much stronger, because then they will feel that their belief is really logical and not just because somebody asked them to believe in it. You will definitely agree with me that it is the flexible neature of hindus that enables them to listen to the good things in other religions too.
  2. I have read about Maha Vshnu, Garbhodhakshayi Vishnu, Kshirodhakshayi Vishnu and Vishnu. (Please forgive me for any spelling mistake). Are all of these Vishnus the same supreme God? I mean, do they have the same attributes? One more question: In the reply to one of the questions (not posted by me), you had talked about Ansh and Avatar. I could not understand the difference between them very clearly.
  3. I have a doubt. I have read that Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead and he has got many plenary expansions, including Vishnu. In fact, Vishnu is not the direct plenary expansion of Krishna because there are some more like Maha Vishnu in between. I have also read that Krishna is Vishnu's avatar. Which of these is true? This question may sound very silly to you, but I felt that this was an authoritative site to clarify my doubt.
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