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  1. can you please post your pictures...if you dont mind !
  2. Lord and his name is said to be one and the same.... be one with his name and you'll be one with him too....day n night...night n day....remember his name.... when every atom of your being will sing his name ...then he wont be hidden from you anymore....!!! Om Namah Shivaya
  3. i think yu can do is,see if a person really want to solve some problem, he will make sincere efforts . So with sincerity n faith in God ....start doing bhajans of any God at your home...this will surely wash way all bad energy n doshas from your home n bring make your home a divine place to be.... "daily bhajan" n 2nd is yu pray deeply to God for remving all such from your home n life. all this will surely help if your efforts are sincere.Om~
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