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  1. Dear Sohamsoham, Many thanks for the feedback, Since I did not get any reply immediately, I did not check this site for a long time, and came back searching different mantra. I am extremely sorry for the delay. Your feedback is very usefull for me, and I will follow it from today. Thanks and regards, G.Manikandan
  2. Respected members, Namaskarams. I have use to play Mahanyasam Mp3 in my home almost every day in the morning. Is it adviceable to play / chant it in the evenings? I am also performing pooja for shivling at my home on every pradosham. Atleast on that day, is it adviceable to play it in th evening? Please advice. Thanks and regards, G.Manikandan
  3. Many thanks for sharing these treasures. Very good service. Thanks again.
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