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  1. Yoga is part of Vedic teachings, there are many parts of Yoga, its hard to not practice Yoga without doing it properly and saying all the mantras, why not practice it anyway? You won't disobey your religion.
  2. Vaisnavas do not disrespect demigods. Spot on.
  3. We are very lucky that in our scriptures we have very detailed descriptions of what God looks like. No other religions can say that they have that also. The bible says that god made man in the vision of himself. In hindu scriptures it goes even further and states that Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead has the complexion of a fresh monsoon rain cloud. Now this is interpreted as a blackish-blue colour. Shyam is another name for Krishna that means Dark complexion. Krishna itself means 'The all-attractive'. So there is no doubt that the dark blackish-blue complexion of Krishna is very very attractive and beautiful. Radha rani is also known as Gaurangi, meaning one with golden limbs. Have you noticed Radha rani wears Blue garments so she always remembers Krishnas complexion and Krishna wears yellow garments to always remember Radha ranis complexion.
  4. Hare Krishna Chant and be happy is a great place to start! Its really short, and a great read. It includes interviews from George Harrion from the Beatles. Good Luck
  5. Hare Krishna That is great that you are interested in the Hare Krishna teachings! Please check out this blog harekrishnayoga.com I think you will find what you are looking for. This website has easy to follow posts on Krishna consciousness for beginners. Also a great booked to help you kick start kc is Chant and be happy by Shrila Prabhupada Good Luck and Hare Krishna
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