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    His Divine Grace has left this world and am I all alone now to fight Maya?


    How can he possibly help me now in my desperate hour of need?


    Is he really gone and I can no longer get his mercy and instruction?


    Who will reprimand me if I go off the rails and into the deep end?


    I am ready to enter the fire and smash my head against the rocks,where has my beloved spiritual master gone and how can I be with him once again?

    Do not lament beloved for even tho he may have entered krishna's past times he is still with you, and as the other devotees stated sri-guru never dies he only reincarnates as another pure devotee.:pray:


    There is some opinion in India today that the more "fair" the better. People in the US want to be darker (going to tanning booths to bake themselves) and people in India want to be lighter (not all people- but you *will* find "fairness creams" on the market).


    In both cases I think there is a bit of status involved. Favoring "fairness"- it means you probably have a job inside rather than working in the fields. Favoring "darkness" you have all the time in the world to lay out in the sun like the stars do. At any rate...


    The truly beautiful people are those from whom the sun of the inner Self- Lord Sri Krishna- is shining through the eyes, through the smile, through the voice, through the attitude, etc. And as for the Lord HIMSELF, who is the source of all beauty... my GOD, if you prefer the look of "fair" skin now, you will change your mind when you see that lovely black-bodied SRI KRISHNA!



    :) Yes beloved this is very true the skin color that the lord had on his person is not whats important its the spritual message involved that matters.
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