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  1. This is very good......for it will make people aware of krishna's warrior nature in that avatara, how delightful.
  2. Do not lament beloved for even tho he may have entered krishna's past times he is still with you, and as the other devotees stated sri-guru never dies he only reincarnates as another pure devotee.
  3. Let them belive what they will about lord sri-krishna, it only fuels there ignorance for it is bliss to them, my lord states in the bhagavad-gita that sometimes it is best to let a fool remain a fool.
  4. In the most very rare cases some dovotees did not require sri-guru and still abtained prema......this is not to say that we should follow her lead, but we must still respect the love and devotion she showed thru out her life to my lord krishna as example to follow in the art of bhakti-proper.
  5. Very true krsna sometimes women can be a trap indeed.....i've found raja-yoga to be very helpful in that way.
  6. My focused energies are directed at lord krishna in every way......so one day if even not in this lifetime i will be a gopa in golaka were i belong....with or without sri-guru but i hope with sri-guru.
  7. I agree i feel the same way, as a gopa in the fields of vraja tending the cows and watching my beloveds past times.
  8. My fellow devotees i'm at present a neophyte but uninitated and without sri-guru to gide me on the sweet path to krishna, what i am looking for is a guru can anyone help me?
  9. Wonderful news indeed, now the world leaders should follow there lead
  10. Simply put, to teach them the form of ultimate surrender to him as well as the release of material desires.
  11. His age is forever placed between 14-16 on goloka.
  12. Do you people not realize that when we suffer krsna suffers with us, our pain is his pain, that is what draws me to my lord bhagavan sri-krsna that is why we have the ability to choose to come to him or not, he come to us to provide support only if we look with our hearts eye.
  13. Yes indeed there is a long way to go for me as well........krsna you have not seem to anwser my question on the other thread i posted, do you know away that i can find sri gurudeva on this mundane plain?
  14. Beloved i have a earnest question for you, i feel in my heart that i'm a devotee of bhagavan svayam sri krsna but i do not have sri guru in my life yet in the physical form:crying2: ....tho my beloved balarama assumes that role in the spritual realm for my benefit untill that moment arrives, can you help me in finding sri-guru on this mundane plain?
  15. Beloved thankyou for thease wounderful lilas of lord nityananda prabhu, for i am infused with divine love of Godhead thru thease sweet words, may the blessings of krsna be ever upon you.
  16. Yes beloved this is very true the skin color that the lord had on his person is not whats important its the spritual message involved that matters.
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