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  1. Absolutely no need for apologies! I used that term as an expression of the resaon I study Hindu teachings - I was certainly not calling you a fundamentalist, and no feelings were hurt, etc. so please accept my apologies if my rambling post was less than clear. Your post was very helpful and I ask these questions so that I may gain more understanding.
  2. Thanks for the info, but I didn't mention worshipping Buddha, or anyone else, in my post. I am wondering, why is it you say "...Buddha cannot help in God realization?" It was my understanding, as it was explained to me by families from India whom I am friendly with as well as other writings, that one can be Christian, Buddhist, etc. AND follow Hindu beliefs because the object is to achieve enlightenment, which all of the above teachers seem to help with (I say "follow Hindu beliefs" because I realize that, as a Westerner, I cannot "become" a Hindu). This is precisely why I was attracterd to Hinduism over 25 years ago, because it was different from the fundamentalist evangelical mindset of the Christian religions (only one way-the others are wrong-got to read this book alone and all others are false, etc.) Perhaps it is a particular branch of Hinduism that holds these beliefs? I know there are a few, but I am just now learning the differences between them.
  3. Thanks for the clarifications
  4. Hello all. I'm new to this site, and will shortly post an introduction but first I have a question. As I am now dedicating time to renewed studying of the Hindu belief system and writings, etc. I'm trying to understand the place of the mantra below in regard to Hinduism: Om Mani Padme Hum and Om Mani Padme Hum Hri I have seen the above two written in Tibeten script, which suggests to me that it is a Buddhist mantra. How does this relate to Hindu beliefs, or where is its place within Hinduism, especially the Hri syllable? I attched an image of the latter Pardon my ignorance of these subjects, but I am doing my best to make sense of the history of Hinduism and Buddhism, reading the Upanishads, the Gita, etc. but it can get confusing. I'm not new to this philosophy and way of life, but I'm just now getting a bit more focused on my studies of Hinduism - more about this in my introduction. Thank you!
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