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  1. Hey Guys all the Saints are great and have played their role in todays world, just because you follow some view the other is not false.Learn to respect every saint and every philosophy.Stop fighting and start practicing what you have learnt from your Revered Gurus.Shastrarth or fighting over philosophy will not get you to God, but practicing in secrecy what you have learnt will.

  2. Hey Kundalini jagran is no aspirin, my dear fellow.If someone promises one minute jagaran , of what Yogis(Celebates who have renounced the World not Householders as us) many births to achieve this, someone promises you in one minute?Kundalini is no burger of McDonald Mr. Wise Up.Do what scriptures hold to be true.Chanting the Name of God is the easiest way and the best suited for todays age. Do you see Siddhas walking the lanes of the country ? Kundalini Awakening is no joke, Samadhi ensues and the person sees everything as brahman.Extreme feeling of renouncement ( Vairagya) follows.The eight superpower comes.If you follow those Kundalini awakened people you met there, you fill find many in pubs with their girlfriends.Wise up Guy.

  3. Use Bananas with ghee, and dring milk ( Not warm) over it.Ashwagandha can also give volumes, when taken with amla or with just sugar and milk but is of a hot nature and can harm Pitta Prakriti nature, so just bananas and milk will do, also try this out, Pure honey with Cold Milk and sugar.But again check for Pitta Prakritti as honey can increase Pitta but not as much as Ashwagandha Powder and is comperatively safe.


    I have been doing pranayam (yes, the proper way) for about a year. No results as yet. It may take some time to work. And I have taken the Divya Amla candies, they are nice tasting and it supposedly helps your immune system as well as many other things. Again, I still have not seen an improvement.

    Pranayams require patience and proper way + proper diet.What's your diet ? It should be Milk, cereals, fruits, butter etc, have you been taking fast food ?:idea:


    INNOCENT check this out:

    taken from The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam:


    In ancient days there reigned a king named MAHABHISA, in the family of Iksaku endowed with all the qualities of a great king; he was the foremost of all the kings, truthful and religious. That highly intelligent king performed thousand Horse-sacrifices(asvamedhas) one hundred Vajapeya sacrifices and thereby satisfied Indra, the king went to the heavens. Once, on an ocassion, that king went to the abode of Brahma, the other gods also went there to serve Prajapati. The great river Ganga Devi, too, assuming the feminine form, went to Brahma to serve him. Now, in the interval, violent winds rose and the clothing of Ganga Devi blew off, at this the other Devas did not look at her; rather kept their faces down; but the king Mahabhisa continued gazing at her. Ganga Devi also came to know the king and that the king had become attracted to her. Brahma, seeing that both of them were love stricken and were shameless, became angry and cursed them immediately:--

    O King! you better take your birth again in the human world and practise great meritorious deeds and come again to this heaven. Thus saying, Brahma looked at Ganga, who was attracted to the king and addressed her:-- You too who have felt his attraction and accepted it better go to the human world and become his wife. Both of them, the King and Ganga Devi came out of brahma's abode, very much grieved in their hearts because of their lust towards one another.

    Ch III Bk II


    the story continues as to how Ganga followed through took human form and killed her seven sons.

    moral: lust caused Ganga devi to be cursed to walk earth as human.


    Mother Ganga had to give birth to Bhisma and emancipate the rest of the cursed vasus. It was her part or ansa which married the king, just as the daughter is the part of mother and carries her face.

    just come to think of it lust vanishes just by taking the name of Ganga , the primordial mother, how can someone call her lustful?

    What we have here , one confused person seeing the sastras with his point of view i.e. lust.

    Or a person distorting shastras and presenting part of it just to put others down and propogate his own religion.eh ?Mr.Crusader?

  6. Pray to the god you believe in , open your heart to him, believe in him and wait. God will sure listen and do whats good for you. He always does that but we dont understand.My Gurudeva used to say when mother bathes a child to free him from dust the child cries, but it is for his own good, isnt it. We in our many births have accumulated enough dust of mind so why cry when Lord makes us suffer a bit. After all gold has to be heated and hammered to make it pure isnt it. Believe me what ever Lord will do will be for your own Good, you may not believe in me now, maybe not even in this birth but you will know one day.We are infants of the Lord and he cries more than us to make us suffer, but if we are sick( of worldiness) he as a mother or father has to give us bitter medicine isnt it. In your bad days chant the name of God , have patience, and believe in him. After every night there is a beautiful sunrise and every morning is followed by sunset.Happiness and Sorrow are body and shadow cant be seperated.Even Bill Gates has to work 24/7 he cant afford to enjoy as us. The only child of Onasis died and he had to bear it.All his money couldnt save him. Lord Dasratha , The father of Lord Rama , died for want of his Son. Where do we stand?

  7. The Jivas are mingled with the prakriti in the state of dissolution , when creation starts they by their sanskaras assume jiva bhava and enjoy different bodies at dissolution it is the same again waiting for creation to assume drifting across different yonis.

  8. Advaita and Dwaita are different bhumis, Once Lord Rama asked Lord Hanumana the epitome of knowledge "Gyaaninanaagraganyam" Who are You? ( to enlighten others by Lord Hanumana. Lord Hamumana replied folded handed " O my master As the Son of AnJani ( body Consious) I am your Slave. As a Jiva I am A part of Yours (Ansa) and in the light of Knowledge I am what you are O my Lord. Thus it all depends what bhumi you stand. All Schools were started by avataras, nobody can be wrong and other right. All schools of thought are beautiful flowers of the garden of Vedanta. The real Lord is beyond both Saguna and Nirguna.Just chant your Guru Mantra and forget the philosophies.the real nature of lord will shine forth one day if you follow what your reverened Gurudeva says.

  9. No way Just as we have different names God has different names as well as forms. Lord Rama worships Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva worships Lord Rama.Lord Rama has Said in Ramcharita Manas "the one who looks down on Lord Shiva can never be dear to me." It is in Puranas that once to fighting Vaishnavas and Shaivas Lord Shiva had become HariHar or half Narayana and Half SadaShiva.Lord Kali is the Shakti of Lord Shiva , When he is as Lord Narayana Kaali Ma assumes the form of Ma Lakshmi.

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