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    1991 I started to practice Yoga
    1996 First time visited in India and practiced with Lino Miele and Gwendoline Hunt.
    1997 First time in Mysore practised with Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangaswamy (His new name is R. Sharath Jois)
    1998 I did with Eddie Stern – celebration calendar of “Pattabhi Jois 60 - years as a teacher”
    2004 A.Y.R.I´s and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois blessing to teach 1 & 2 series (K.P.J.A.Y.I ´s Teacher authorization)
    2002 Founder of Astangasali. Traditional Yoga Shala in Helsinki, Finland
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    Helsinki, Finland
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    Writing. playing and singing the blues
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    Ashtanga yoga teacher
  1. Hello all! I just joined in this Forum. I have done yoga while, like from year 1991. I saw that there was some threads about Lino Miele´s Full Vinyasa Video. I directed those both. "Primary series" and "Intermediet and advanced A". Because Ashtanga Yoga is a tradition that is constantly changing (or better way to say it) Our knowing is increasen, and that's why I feel like these videos, especially the first series I should do again?!? So my question is, does anyone know is there any new full vinyasa videos out there? Thank You! Ilpo
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