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  1. अक्षौहिणीनां पतिभिर् असुरैर् नृप-लाज्ञ्चनैः। भुव आक्रम्यमाणाया अभाराय कृतोद्यमः॥ Hence the iTrans should be akSauhiNInAM patibhir asurair nR^ipa-lAj~nchanaiH | bhuva AkramyamANAyA abhArAya kR^itodyamaH || akṣauhiṇīnāṁ patibhir asurair nṛpa-lājñcanaiḥ | bhuva ākramyamāṇāyā abhārāya kṛtodyamaḥ ||
  2. We assume that Lior should refer Lion and know what is capricon You have help us out with meaning of Katz in english to help you translate in Sanskrit
  3. Have this as a standard rule The dots over the letter if appears in between normally pronounced as N and at the end is pronounced as M However the dot always represents M Of course this general rule has some exceptions comes automatically by practise and informed by the context In this present case the words to be pronounced as Samyama Sanshodana
  4. That was not a prayer for Durga but saying about nature of soul Sloka says Soul is not asat (changable) but sat (unchangable) Soul is not tamas (darkness) but jyoti (illumination) soul is not perishable but eternal Jai shree krishna
  5. I had categorically mentioned that People who wear Yajnopavita can recite some mantras. For those who know want to chant some mantra before taking a food, honest mental offering would suffice, if still required can remember the meaning of the mantra in instances of absence of yajnopavita
  6. Even the determination is bestowed only the Lord krishna I remember Yo yo yaam yaam tanum bhakta sloka of Shrimad Bhagavat Gita here Jai shree krishna
  7. The best is not to chant a mantra before taking food but to dedicate the food to lord in heart. Based of class one belongs to mantras changes, Hindus with yajnopavitha does not chant mantra before taking food but should offer food to praana, apaana etc
  8. I am not a swaminarayan sect vaishnava but a visishtadvaiti, hence can answer it. The idea in which it is said is a general rule like after missing a human life, a soul suffers in hell or enjoys in heaven for some period, then based on its karma starts its cycle as a living thing on earth. By sticking to its karma, it upgrades and becomes human. There are more possibility that many years are consumed in this transit, however specific number seems to be unwarranted by srutis, but as a statement of a guru, for that sect it holds validity Jai shree krishna
  9. Hi all Thank you all for the nice postings.
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