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  1. All along i have been asking questions and you guys have been giving answers based on your intrepreation of epics,puranas and ancient books.That is well and good,but some of you were upset at me for asking proof for them,well you claimed faith is blind and no one can give proof of GOD unless he comes in person,very true.And you guys asked me why i am here asking questions if i dont believe in GOD or expect proof which would be provided in this aspect.Again its true.So i agree i shouldnt make a mockery of anyones faith or ask for proof. But on the other hand i have noticed every 1 posting out of 3 seems to be a mockery of someone elses faith,lets say for example threads like "Shiva is a Demi God" Or "Sathya Sai Baba is not GOD" etc....and also judging religious gurus like Dalai lama,now who are you all to call Lord Shiva a demi god if you dont have proof that Krishna is supreme?Who are you all to judge Dalai Lama when your guru Prabupada himself might have flaws? A Christian believes other than his beliefs people with other belief is going to hell A muslim believes the same A shaivaite thinks his god is superior A Vaishnavaite thinks his god is the only god and all others are demi gods When cornered and asked proof all of the above people say "Dont mock our beliefs mind your business" Same way it would be better off if you all follow the same rule and not judge gurus or gods or demigods and start threads to ascertain someones superiority. Faith is a good tool,i agree,having faith does give people hope,but mocking the others faith proves you are a hypocrite. If you show me Krishna lifting the mountain in his fingers then you can claim he exists. If someone shows me Lord Shiva sittiing in the mountain then you can claim he exists. Otherwise its only right to let people stick to their beliefs and not mock anyone or judge anyone and say only so and so god can lead you to bliss
  2. For what?I am not sitting here waiting for my ticket to GOLOKA to dance with Radha and Krishna.... Maybe if u convince me Krishna will give u ur ticket...lol....If u say everything is his leela y do u get all mad at me? Cbrahma here dont like me,do u all u guys want me to go out of this forum cause i ask questions?Please tell me so and if i get like 5 or more people asking so then i would leave,i have no hard feelings so far,i just thought ill talk to people who really know stuff about Krishna,if not its ok as well,after all i thought its ok to learn from people if they really know something
  3. Wo wo wo,calm down man,i didnt abuse anyone,y r u starting to abuse?Dont u know any decency in online forums,if u dont know answer u dont have reply... Maybe if u convince me Krishna will give u ur ticket...lol....If u say everything is his leela y do u get all mad at me? Cbrahma here dont like me,do u all u guys want me to go out of this forum cause i ask questions?Please tell me so and if i get like 5 or more people asking so then i would leave,i have no hard feelings so far,i just thought ill talk to people who really know stuff about Krishna,if not its ok as well,after all i thought its ok to learn from people if they really know something
  4. I dont care what people call me,and i dont abuse anyone?All i asked is how can u believe in GOLOKA without getting a glimpse of it and honestly speaking they for sure should know what is more crazy,believing in some dance in a place which they havent even seen or asking proof of its existence... Which postings are neutral,and i didnt say Vaishanavas call themselves god,all i said was based on Ramayana,Rama was a avatar and he died like a mortal,so did Krishna,that is if at all they existed.
  5. So r u telling me religious forums are people who believe in anything and everything without questioning,maybe im here to seek some proof. Well make me happy and see if that is part of ur divine service,make me happy by giving me some proof. What is divine service?U mean posting here about GOLOKA? Dont u care for urself,if not y r u getting upset on me?Y dont u try ur service on me?
  6. Im crazy for believing someone might have created the world but ur not crazy for expecting to go dance in GOLOKA when u dont even know it exists,wow what a logic And how did u come to the enlightment this is age of quarell mr Radhey radhey,so is this why ur quarelling with me?So u cant prove GOLOKA exists?Am i right?U dont seem to have answers,y do u blame this yuga for ur incompetence? If u see ur postings or most others postings to my questions are totally irrelevant and some of them are not even in Valmiki Ramayana,just cooked up on the way to suit ur beliefs and u call me im here to quarel..Ignorance sure is bliss for u i guess,so what do u do day in and day out,wait for ur ticket to GOLOKA? I am here to see if there is proof,if there is then i would love to go there myself,maybe if i start posting like i saw Krishna dancing with his gopis thru a telescope from here then maybe i can become popular...then i wont be crazy,i will be a believer.
  7. So do u just want a yes man for all ur fantasy stories of dancing in GOLOKA after u die? I m here to see if there is proof after all for all this cause if there is then i will join him in GOLOKA. If u all can question those who criticise Rama then i have the right to question his existence,if u judge people then be ready to be judged,in this case atleast asked questions. And by the way all these past birth karma etc to know god,well do u have those? Science for most part is with facts and figures,god is not and u know that. Our country(India)is suffering because every tom dick and harry is saying what ur saying that so and so is god and u need past karma to realise he is god,so i just try to see if people would stop that practise of exploitation,i guess thats not allowed right,cause u need blind faith... If u want me not to ask u questions i wont,u also dont start threads asking y Rama was criticised in the south.He will be as people in South India dont just accept any do gooder as GOD and expect to dance in GOLOKA,so if u judge them then be ready to be questioned
  8. I believe in god because someone might have created the world so that person is GOD.But yes i havent seen him so i cant say i am going to dance with him after i die and he did this he did that to so and so. Im not mocking anyone,i am here to find if there is proof so that i can believe,im searching but i havent found,if u seem to have found then u show it or else keep searching,ur story with no proof mocks itself and not me,u r doing it to urself,not me. Anyone can write books and create characters,if ur going to believe in them dont u think they should show themselves at some point to u? Whereas ur saying so based on some book written some years ago. How can u go serve Radha and Krishna when u dont even know where they live? Even if they live somewhere they dont seem to want u now,what is the guarantee they may want u in future,why do u want to serve them when ur not welcome to be there now? How can u prove Krishnas existence,because seriously if there is someone like that now even i might love to know and what benefit does he give u? IF u just want to be someones slave then there r lot of people who might use ur service... Im not judging anyone,i am just asking questions,u dont have to judge me,call me aethist or anything,but the onus is on those who claim something exists to prove it does,or else they r cheating themselves and others. When ur a child ur mother tells u the moon is there for ur taking if u finish ur food(u mean any kid,this is just a example) So do u think the moonis going to come to u? Sameway stories like Jesus healing the blind or Krishna lifting the govardan in his pinky are stories,if he shows it now then i will believe,that makes me a curious person and not a mocker? I didnt insult Rama,i said based on the Epic he was a Avatar,a man who died like any man and who had flaws,again that is only if he existed,i believe in Visnu Shiva because ive been told to when i grew up,maybe they r alive or maybe not who knows,but if u say ur going to dance with him in GOLOKA then that is a bit funny dont u think. Thats like believing tomorrow we will wake up,we may wake up or we may not,same way visnu maybe there or maybe not,but ur saying ur going to serve someone when u dont even know how that might feel or how that is better thanall pleasures... So my belief is just a optimistic thinking,just to cling onto something,but u all seem to know for sure and its u all Rama devotees who started judging people who criticised him,so u must be ready for the facts(if he existed and if he did those cowardly acts)to be put in front of u. If u want to be a yes man for Rama go ahead,but dont judge people who question him if ur not ready to give proof of his existence,people criticise thinking he was a man and they r right until u prove otherwise
  9. We live in this earth and i am sure someone created it,so he is GOD,that is all i believe,but that isnt blind faith,maybe that god is there,maybe he is dead or maybe he is formless,but we dont know,so it is just logical to think someone created this world. But what is the logic of Indralok or Heaven or GOLOKA?Please tell me how do u believe them without proof,we are alive and that is proof that we might be created bygod but how can u believe that Rama was god or Allah or Jesus are gods or Indralok exists when u havent seen them? Two wrongs dont make one right,even if u say mine is blind faith,urs seems worse. So if i believe in no god am i allowed to say all this is blind faith?As u seem to imply that if i believe in god everything everyone believes is true. How can one plus one be four? Sameway how can u believe in GOLOKA when u havent seen or someone sent u proof it exists?
  10. How is it ridiculous? Where is GOLOKA or Heaven or Jannah or Sheol? Why do u want to trust on them by blind faith with no proof?Isnt that ridiculous than asking do they really exist? Will u go to a Train station with no trains coming there and wait there for eternity and call those who dont go with u as Ridiculous people? People here seem to be so sure of where they are going with no proof or nothing and talk as if they just got a invitation from there and u call me ridiculous..what can i say,they say love is blind,compared to this blind is a understatement. When u go from one country to another u take pics and send it back home to ur loved ones,why not the ones who gone to GOLOKA or Janna or Sheol send a snap from there yet? If some travel agent asks u money to send u some place wont u ask him proof or u just give it out of faith,same way y should u not expect proof of GOLOKA or Jannah or anywhere? Ur making it sound like if Catholics lie themselves they r going to heaven its ok for Muslims to lie about Jannah and we create our own version of GOLOKA,before ISKCOn i never heard of this goloka,all i heard was Vaikunta and Kailasa. Epics puranas and amar chitra katha stories
  11. Why should u have blind faith without questioning something just for the sake of Temptation and fear? How do u know Rama was a avatar and not just a man like u and me? How did he incarnate again?u mean as Krishna and die again for his killing of Vaali? How can any do gooder or a thug type person just cause he has power and conquered be called Avatar or GOD when he suffers a death,and has no power this day,dont u think there has to be any use in praying these people in day to day life? Do u get ur food water and shelter just by chanting their name or going to church or a mosque?If not then whats the point in the so called faith?
  12. It is very sad indeed that our country has become this place where anyone is god as long as have a few lakh people to call them god and fall in their feet and also who do a few good charity works. This practise of calling man a god has to be made a crime,by the way how can Krishna save Bharath,he is dead long time back? GOD is a word thats been used way too cheaply in our country. All religions are twisted to just put fear and temptation into people,we have to save ourself,no one is going to jump from above to do that,wake up people. Without proof dont accept a man as god,whats even worse is to wait to go to some Heaven that may not even exist and not do anything worthy in this life here....Lazyness has taken a different form in chanting i guess..
  13. How do u know Rama wouldve won,Vaali had boons that made him very strong and he also was a great fighter and Rama is not well versed in Gadayuda. By the way if Tara herself is ok to live with Vaali then what is it that is wrong with him anyway? Please try to remember all those 6 answers and then post here,also where did you find these 6 answers?Is it in Valmiki Ramayana?Which chapter,please give some more information If there is a hidden meaning how did you see it?Or u just made it up to suite ur theory?Human mind is very creative as u know. Someone here said it was act of smartness and quoted Shivaji for that,if that was the case then what about Aswathama,he was smarter than both Rama and Shivaji as he killed people in their sleep....
  14. You said Jayaditha Swami has the answer,where is he?
  15. No one has answered the question yet,the answers seem totally irrelevant,once again let me put the question Why are ISKCONis still not in GOLOKA
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