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  1. Foolish. First, do not compare a developed country to an undeveloped one. Studies have to be made over people grown under similar conditions. Second, man has a vegetarian digestive system. Teeth to cut weeds, molars to chew grains, ten times less stomach acidity than carnivorous animals unable to digest meat properly and thus toxin producing, a bowel long enough for meat to rot before getting out... And finally, why shouldn't religion and logic converge? Howmany religions have you studied?
  2. Dear friend, The information given is of great help. Thank you very much.
  3. Yes, i had already thought about West Bengal ... Thanks anyway!
  4. Maybe, but in my opinion India does not need another begger more. Namaste
  5. Dear friend Your words are of a deep truth. But i have never talked about adopting the vows of sanyasa right now but about being initiated and living in an ashram for some years. Yes, probably i aim too high, but this is a must if we don't want to overide opportunities that may come across us. First we aim to the highest (highest in the sense of accordance to our preferences, never think that i mean a tantric guru is higher than others), and little by little as life fixes us we keep adjusting until we match what we really deserve or are destined to bear. A yoga vedanta guru would be perfect, a hatha yoga one too... and so forth. Concerning to Karma Yoga, yes, i have to practice more, my heart still has some thorns to pluck. Anyway, the stay in India will worth, i'm totally sure. Gods bless you
  6. I have never felt the goddess awakening on me. Just currents of prana along the trunk. I shall have a look to Sahaja Yoga. Thank you sincerelly.
  7. Different people of different nature need different methods for achieving the same goal. I need difficult things, thus is how i work. Do you know about downloadable chants to the goddess? Thanks a lot.
  8. Yoga Vedanta is fine, would be appreciated. Thank you very much for your information.
  9. I practiced on my own. Despite a pranayama (kapalabhati) not suitable for my prakruti (doshic body constitution) that caused me some troubles (swellings, rashes), for the moment has not been dangerous, on the contrary, has been pleasant and benevolent. I did not scare. After practicing i'm as convinced as before, but with much more faith. Make all the questions you need!
  10. Dear fellows, After two years and half of daily intense kundalini yoga practice, i have arrived to the point of seriously needing a qualified guru. I'm travelling to India on October, but have no clue about who or where to ask for. This is not about 'spiritual hollydays', this is for expending several years in an ashram under the guidance of a master. If anybody knows about ashrams or at least about which are the most tantric states of india, please let me know. Any information will be preciously appreciated. Blessings
  11. Thank you jndas. If a tantric guru was not possible, at least he/she should be a hatha or raja yogi. Namaste
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