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  1. Dear Atmaonline, Very good question of brilliance and ignorance at same time, may the first question arised of brilliance, that u hav got of Guru bhakthi, the second question is of the the ignorance, may be your karma and planetary positions, Yes, you can ask for it. May be sometimes the Guru may delay for sometimes to give u the initiation. Maybe the GURU checks if u r aware of it or if u r eligible ! But the rue bhakthi to GURU and prayer to him and your favourie GOD and Kula devatha, will give u goor result, i.e, the delay wont be much,.. Sometimes the GURU may give out of karuna and love, if you had shown to your GURU from the time on, it is a blessings ! I said the second question if of your igorance, due to karma, bcoz, sometimes if u r in a very bad planetary position, ...Karma will be more powerful, only the GURU can show Karuna,,,You should also hav persevearance and dispassion to not let ur karma win, for tis you can do Jeevakarunya, that is giving food to the poor, or Take a hand full of rice flour, find a antpit near the holy trees, and spread along their place, (b careful not to kill the ants, and also the rice flour can be placed nearer to the holes but not closing the holes, as this may lead to harm to ant and that is not we want, this will help u clr the planetary position misfortunes,,,) Hope this helps, Sri
  2. Not even a single reply, Help me guruji's...
  3. Hi, I heard there are 33 herbs used in various types of Homa or yagna. Can any body give me the names of the homa herbs(roots and other materials) along their usage at types of Homa? looking forward for replied from gurus over here... Respect and thanks, Sri
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