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  1. Hey Murali, Hope you are doing fine. There is one way to attain moksha is that you stop evry thought and every desire that you have in life.. It mayebe either that in this process either you will get rid off your past and start to live fresh everyday and pull yourself up from all the suffering's you have gone through because you react to evrything in a certain way and nt abundantly!! Or You will end up leaving your name,race,caste,sex,home,family,money etc everthing behind in search of god's light and will eventually find peace within yourself attaining moksha If your choice is first den go boldly and get out every single bad incidence without being reasonable and accepting it move on!! But if your option is second one then.. YOU HAVE TO START TO MEDIATE!! Start BY minimizing your desire's and try to be silent in mind,no music,no talk in head,no worries,NOTHING!! Once you get how it works you will get more way's on how to attain moksha!!
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