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  1. Hi. I know this topic is a couple of a year back but I don't know how I started googling about the black magic and found this website. boss I'm also suffering from some problems... Few year back i was unemployed for a year and half. then some financial problems occured to me and have to lend money. My wife's health is getting worst. My wife couldn't sleep properly as my sons( 3yesr. 9 months. wakes up every night by 12.15 mid night and my daughter (age-1year 4 months) caries on every half an hour.I we try to make our son sleeps he never sleeps for an two to three hrs. we've showed some of the Ojhaz and they said that some one had done something on me to break my marriage. that my wife will left me alone and go with her family. then on the second chance i got to know about a women who do not charge any thing but upon your wish you can keep donation in front of the god. He also told me the same thing but this time she informed me that on every 6 month I'll suffer drastic financial crisis. and this can't be cure not even from who had done this. She informed me that I'm still survivin because of of my good deed what ever i've done good in my life. NOw the situation is I'm under a credit of hell lot of money now i'm employed but still stitaution come like that i've to lend money. I'm returning money as monthly basis. but still in the home the atmoshphere is not so good. even my friends in my work place recognised me as a begger in any occation I've to lend money to balance my situation to be done. My question is there any answers to this then please revert back. Day by day i'm sinking on a dirt. My friends giving another persons example indirectly says me that begging for money is a habbit and much easier thing to ask for. but here in my life i;m in a huge trouble..If you want then I can tell you my whole story. Please revert waiting for your reply.
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