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  1. namaste to all sorry i m completely new here but need ur help desperately i am 22 yrs old n in love with a guy who is 6 months elder to me our families are familier with it but mine is against our relationship...bcz currently is is not working( he needs time for that as we have just passed out our collage) one of my cousin bhabi is frm their native place so my dad is saying that whr our son has been married thr we cant marry our daughter we both are in relation since last 5 yrs... my dad is searching for suitable match for me but i dont want to marry someone else n my dad is completely against our relation.. i cant force him n go against his wish bcz he is a heart patient recently got heart attack n has to take angiography when i told my dad that i will marry only him the situation at our place is worst he is not talking to anyone,not even taking his pills n consuming alcohol Please suggest me if there is any mantra that will help me in convincing my dad i would be rally thankful to u i cant face this situation at my place cz ours was a happy family n just bcz of me no one is talking to each other the environment is too tensed
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