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  1. Hi, I understood your situation, and it is due to the evil spirit - May be Jinn. I can control them by the will of my lord. One of an incident happened in my life too. One day night i was driving car from almost 200 kms distance to my home and keeping a fish cut into pieces for fry the next morning. That time an evil spirit followed my car and got into my house when i entered my house. After that, one day people in my house saw the evil spirit, saw some shadows, saw some smells like you mentioned. One day they told me about the unusual things happening, and told that this is happening from the day you came to home that mid-night. So i understood and i know how to get rid of them by the will of my lord. and now there is no sign of that evil spirit in my house. You should also note that some people claim that they have power to remove the evil spirits and they charge you lot of money for doing some ceremonies. but be careful. The person who really possess the power to get rid them of will not buy anything from you. and at the same time, it is very easy to remove without doing any ceremonies and also very dangerous for the exorcist.
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