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  1. Hi! I would like to get a phrase translated into hindi or sanskrit for a tattoo... "secret place of the most high" I've gotten two tattoos already from here and they were accurate and turned out great. THANKS! -MaNesha
  2. Hi! I want my next tattoo to be "Om". I have seen various versions of it, and was wondering if someone could provide me with the original. Thanks, MaNesha
  3. Hi! I got the tattoo of my name MaNesha, and everyone loved it, so thanks for that!!! I would like to get another one of the phrase "so let it be". Would it be possible to get a translation of this as well? Thanks! -MaNesha
  4. Hi, Is there anyway that I can see it in Hindi? Or is there a difference between the two scripts? Can it be translated any other way? THANKS!
  5. Hi! I got my name translated into hindi on here. I'm ready to get my tattoo, and I wanted to know how important the bottom of the characters are. Instead of a straight line across the bottom of the characters, he drew it with sharp slants that come to a point...i guess for artistic effect. I just want to make sure it isn't going to say something other than my name. I'd rather be correct than artistic. Of course he wouldn't let me take the drawing, but if anyone could help that would be great! Also, are there any other translations like Sanskrit that anyone can give me before Sunday? I attached the one that was orginally done. If someone could get back to be by Sunday morning that would be excellent. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! MaNesha maneesha[2].bmp
  6. Does anyone else know how to translate me name Manesha, into one of these scripts. I just wanted to have other options. Thanks a bunch for your help!
  7. Are there any other types of scripts that are similar to this one?
  8. I have no idea why my mom wanted the N to be capitalized, that's the way it is on my birth certificate. As far as pronounciation, my father's side of the family pronounces it with a short "e", so it sounds like MaNisha. My mother pronounces it with a long "e", so it sounds like MaNeesha. I answer to both. I never really liked the name MaNesha anyways until I got older. If someone can give me the way it looks in hindi pronounced both ways, that would be great. I'll just pick the one that looks the best! Thanks for your response!
  9. I have been looking for someone to translate my name into hindu for a tattoo. It's MaNesha. Can anyone translate this for me? Also, i've heard that it means something as well. Does anyone know what it means in hindu? Thanks
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