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    "Heads up" means heads bowed to Sri Krsna as our only shelter.

    Krsna consciousness is the only safe position. A Krsna conscious person is not disturb even at the universal destruction. He may or may not notice the event but he won't feel threatened by it.

    I strongly agree with you. This world is getting so crazy:wacko: :crazy2:

  2. I do not think you will be ignoring Jesus Christ if you find that another path is the better way of you trying to get to know the lord. Remember all gods lead to the supreme which ever way you choose to pray to him depends on you. In my opinion You should worship the supreme personality of god and that is Krishna(Vishnu) Because he is the ultimate god. There is no need to worship any other god. Just look at it this way..Jesus is a incarnation of Krishna. So don't feel like your abdoning or ignoring him.

  3. "The image of a recumbent Shiva lying under the feet of Kali represents Shiva as the passive potential of creation and Kali as his Shakti. "


    There are alot of different stories about why mother kali is standing on lord shiva her consort...but the one I know is that when mother durga became very angry she turned into mother kali to kill 2 demons. After killing them and drinking their blood she began to act out in anger. After hearing from the rest of the demi gods that no one can calm her and controll her lord shiva came. He laid down on the ground and when she saw that she was stepping on her husband she took out her tongue. That image of her is widely known .

  4. "One who has not listened to the messages about the prowess and


    marvelous acts of the Personality of Godhead and has not sung or chanted


    loudly the worthy songs about the lord is to be considered to possess


    earholes like the holes of snakes and tongue like the tongue of a frog."



    -Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.3.20

  5. "A materialistic person, thinking himself to be very advanced in intelligence,


    continually acts for economic development. But again and again, as


    enunciated in the Vedas, he is frustrated by material activities, either in


    this life or in the next. Indeed, the results one obtains are inevitably the


    opposite of those one desires.




    -Sri Narada Muni

    -Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.7.4

  6. I really do agree with you that this bollywood is demonic. Now a days these people have lost all their culture..I hardly see any religious or cultural movies..The only thing I see is young girls and boys doing lusty things...They are trying to be modernized in a very negative way. You can't even sit down and watch some of these indian movies with your own family because everything is mostly about sex and lust.


    Personally I just pick them up, and throw them out the window screaming "GAURANGA!!!!!"

    I have heard about some Prabhu's using spray (and shouting the lord's names) though it's not the highest standard.


    lol lol I do the same thing ..I just pick them up and carry them outside...and sometimes I lour them into a container and take them out --> They can really get on your nerves but I don't think it's nice to kill them.

  8. :ponder:

    I have read and heard that most American cheese contains rennet and enzymes which comes from the stomach tissue of cows and other animals for taste. Most devotees I know still eat pizza and other foods containing cheese with these rennet and enzymes. Isn't it a sin to eat those cheese if you are on the path to Krsna consciousness because it contains bits of cow tissue? Or is it ok? Can someone please comment on this issue?

    Hari bole!


    Strange? I don't see Him as strange?

    Like I stated in another thread, I see Shiva-Shakti relationship as Power and Control which exists in Nature. So, I think if someone sees Him strange, it is because they don't have proper understanding on how the Power and Control works.

    You should study Nature and how the World exists in perfect Nature, maybe then you could undertand Him a bit. :)

    I totally agree with you. Personally I never said he was strange because hes not but many people who I came across did ask the same question as he/she did but your right they don't understand. Now I have an answer for those people. Thank you hari bole.

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