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  1. Hi all.I am a catolic,i was born as catolic,mean that my master is jesus christ.My question ...is this ok to worship hindu gods,do mantra japas,yoga,pranayama,and other things,and leave my original religion behind?Am i ignoring Jesus,when i worship hindu gods,instead of praying to him?thank you
  2. Shiv..many indian gods,including Krishna himself,speaks of siddhis..You dont have prove,if they exist or not.It is matter or will power and belief.
  3. Thank you for reply,but this mantra is kinda long for me,can i chant " Om Sri Krishnaya Namah " instead?
  4. Hello all.I am new here.I would like to know,does Sri Krishna is the only God,that grants Siddhis,to his worshippers? I read that Lord Shiva,Lord Ganesha,and Vajra Guru mantra,also grants Siddhis.What is the best choice?and is it true,i have to chant mantra for period of 40 days,125,000 times,to see some results? thank you
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