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  1. Oil of Olay is out cow dung facemask is in
  2. Ayurveda: The Art of Being (2002) Synopsis: A historical account of the ancient holistic practice, Ayurveda. Originating in India and then spreading to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Tibet, China, Russia and Japan, Ayurveda is probably the world's oldest continually practiced holistic healthcare system. The technique requires healers to scan their patients by covering the body with a certian kind of mud to discover the mysteries of the human mind and body in order to cure illnesses that result in the imbalance between human beings' life energies. Genre(s): Documentary Rating: MPAA NONE Runtime: 102 mins. Distributor(s): Kino (USA) Theatrical Release: 7/19/02
  3. I tell Buffy the vampire slayer, ..
  4. My grandmother saw dark (humanform )shadows appear around her bed before she died, she was terribly frightend. My wife knew when her grandmother died, at 13pm she said to me "my grandma is dead" 30 minutes later her mother rung to say that jennies grandmother had died in the old peoples home at 13pm At that evening at arround 20pm, we both felt a warm presence in our livingroom, which we both recognised at the same time. This presence was very light and friendly and seem to hover right above our TV. The presence came from two spirits, one of them was her grandfather who died 12 years before and who had waited for his wife all this time. For the past few years Jennies grandmother used to say that she could feel her husband with her many times and she always believed that he was still arround. Anyway it seemed that both of them came to visit us to say goodby, they where arround us for about 15 minutes, and I took the opportunity to open the Bhagavad Gita and showed them different slokas and pictures of Radha and Krishna, then suddenly they where gone...
  5. And I heard that Srila Bhaktivinode wrote that the conception of hell was invented to frighten the s*** out of the demons and atheists. For many people and creatures hell is happening on earth this very moment. Theist wrote....So if one has a hellish concept of how life should be experienced a place is provided for that experience to be played out in.... So the followers of Alex Cooper and Ozzy Osborne, satanist e.g. will go to a place where what is now fashion for them becomes a reality where the devil is real? Everything we can imagine exists somewhere ?
  6. I used to have all the answers myself, until I realised that I was just like a parrot. Fact is that I dont know in reality. I love the devotees, well, not all of them but most and I have experience good and bad in their association as we all have. I am consistantly set back spiritually,sometimes for a long time and sometimes just for a while when things happen which affect my personal or material life in a bad and negative way. Since my past experience tells me that it seems to accelerate when I approach Krishna Consciousness I developed a certain reluctance to make just another start and again watch my life crumble arround me. Normally I might not mind so much about this if it wasnt for the fact that my only shelter would be the devotees and temple life. The devotees are always fighting there are politics and so many other issues which prevent me from "surrendering" Therefore I hang on to my miserable existance in the "karmi world" It would take me a long time to make a new start anyway and my present situation is such that I am "right inside the dark well of householder life bound by the robes of attachment" I have realised,that I am a failure materially and spiritually and that I have nothing to offer to either side.The feeling inside me is one of great emptiness, because of my own shortcomings lack of faith and the non ability of the vaisnavas all over the world to make peace with each other. To answer your question yes, I believe in God, but this does not mean that I have to be blindly accepting everything and that from the moment one believes that there are no more questions, my questions have increased and it is because Krishna is so lovely loving and attractive that this alone creates questions inside me as to why he has created the system the way it is. What I am saying is that there must be a deeper or greater reason behind the creation. Answers like prisonhouse, rehabillitation for the soul, criminals being punished e.g.might be sufficient in the beginning, but the whole thing is so complex and puzzeling that It is not enough for me anymore. The reason is because the suffering experienced by humans or animals alike is mind boggeling and to much to comprehend to be seen as a simple punishment for just "wanting to be seperate from God" or as the other explanation goes that we have just glanced from the tatastha region over the material plane and that was enough for us to come here. Others who have glanced over the spiritual world instead went straight away there. Neither of the two "why we have come here ideas" seem to contain enough sinful reasons to justify millions of years in the material world, experiencing the kind of suffering some have to go through. Having being a devotee for so many years and ending up with a dilemma that would have been previously easily solved with a standard KC answer, bugs me, I can not see the answer and I am stuck
  7. http://www.templeinstitute.org/current-events/RedHeifer/index.html Pictures of the "red hifer"
  8. I think it is best to be humble only with people who respect this attitude, otherwise it can be seen as a weekness. By the way about your question about lust,in the "closed tread" you are only 18, in that age the senses run amok and if you never had any formal training in celibacy, then it is very unlikely that you will be able to restrain yourself. No reason to feel guilty so, because as you progress spiritually, many helpful realisations will come in that respect. Put it this way, it is not impartant how you are when you start, it is important how you finish. Meanwhile the cold spoon technique might help. Keep a few desert spoons in your freezer and when you feel arousal, get the spoon out and put it in your trausers for a while, that will definetely do the trick.
  9. May be the second coming has already happened and continues to happen and no one has understood. The Guru is a principle, he is a person who teaches the highest goal and has realized this himself. This begins again and again when “the succession is broken and irreligion manifests to an intolerable level” When Srila Prabhupada came, no one understood the significance of his visit to the west. People saw him, spoke to him but did not see who was in front of them. I could be right, maybe he was ""the second coming" If KC is the Truth, then Prabhupada opened the curtains for all to see and what is still mysterious for most people today has become a clear vision for the bhaktas. A picture of the spiritual world and everything that goes with it is unfolding within our minds and hearts as a picture of indescribable beauty. It happens as a result of devotional reading of Prabhupadas books and studying vaisnava literature in general. Happy are those who believe that vision to be true. Despite my doubts and criticisms I am attracted to Krishna and the great genuine contemporary and recent spiritual masters are the reasons for it. Srila Prabhupada and Srila Narayana Maharaja have made room in my mind and heart to keep this vision with me and sometimes (ones in a blue moon) it shines through the contamination of my soul and reminds me that apart from the blackness of this world and universe there is another world full of light and love. If that is not real revelation then I don’t know what is. Sadly for now I feel like this, tomorrow I am full of doubts and anxiety again. One thing I know so, that without the vaisnavas and the books, I would be a walking dead person, dull headed with no aim, because that what I was before I met the devotees. I will always love them and one day the external hard crust of rebellion against God will crack and I the soul will emerge, shiny and bright, saturated with love for God. Jesus was here I believe, because within Srila Prabhupada (Sridhar Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja) all the great masters are represented and give their blessings. Whilst the Christians expected “Jesus” they did not realize that Guru teaches according to time and circumstance and might be a different person altogether, the same applies to all other religions as well. Real and genuine KC embraces and includes all teachings, because it brings out the original self-consciousness of the spirit soul. That is why ones a person has tasted the happiness of KC he will never be happy again with anything else, in his heart he will always know what it is he is missing. We might do so many things to prove otherwise to ourselves, as part of our rebellion against surrender but in the end it will not work. A devotee who has had even a little taste, is like a fish on the hook, he might struggle and try swimming the other direction, but Krishna slowly reels him in… ( with a smile ) Ps..Still would like to understand, why it is that the soul has to suffer so much and why Krishna has made it that way.
  10. It does work to some extend in fact. I am using a cd from "hemisync" for better sleep. yourself the free program "Audiogalaxy Satellite" install and search for "holosync" and "hemisync" mp3 files.Download what applies to you. It only works with earphones. I had great sleep the first time i tried it. I also use it often and it does calm me down a lot.
  11. Thank you Ghari prabhu, but become a speck again ? "Like children so you shall become" the problem with that is that you make yourself vulnerable. In a meek and humble state its is difficult to confront. One is the teacher and the other one is preconditioning himself not to be upfront when things seem to be a little difficult to believe. One is supposed to please the teacher, so no one dares to say anything and everyone just nodds their heads even when things get really stupid. "in a class in Germany years ago, the temple president said "If Hitler and Gobles would have done what they did for Krishna, it would have been okay" No one protested, why ? We where all like a bunch of coneheads, with no mind of our own.(about 80 devotees in class) Humble before God ? Yes why not, but this does not automatically solve my moral dilemma, seeing the souls of humans and animals alike, suffering beyond anyones comprehension and understanding how an all loving always smiling God fits in to that. If I can pass this hurdle and get an understanding other (deeper) then karma, prison house,rebellious souls e.g. I might be able to pick up where I left and continue with my spiritual life.
  12. When I start chanting and folowing again, suddenly everything arround me begins to go wrong, not just ones but every time. So much so,that I am afraid to start again. I do understand the idea of karma,my question is why ? In your story with the horse, you describe how the horse is forced to surrender and how its free will is slowly broken by the rider. Finally the rider and the horse go on with each other, but not until the horse is conditioned by the rider to submit. Love based on force and pain ? I know the soul is supposed to come out of all this undamaged, but the soul does feel any pain, mental and physical whilest in the body and suffers terrible consequenses to his actions,because he is allowed (unstopped) to commit these original karmic activities in the first place.
  13. When you are stuck at a point that prevents your faith from growing on a path your heart is attracted to, and due to this you can't apply anymore faith it is a horribly upsetting and frustrating place to be....... Thats how it feels, not only that, I have spend 20 years trying to be a devotee, was initiated by Srila Prabhupada. I became desperatly frustraited and ridden with guilt over the years when I realised that I wasnt able to follow properly. I always tried again and again until I finally gave in and accepted my endevours as pointless. I have nothing to show for spiritually and stopped practicing ages ago. The funny thing is that the Hare Krishna mantra repeats itself within my head constantly, cant turn it off at all, first thing in the morning last thing at night, its always there. It doesnt bother me, I just find it funny that wherever I go and whatever I do, it accompanies me constantly. Maybe that is why I still hang arround
  14. I am sure that God can experience pain, because the soul who is apparently made like he is, but only small, does experience pain trough the physical body. But I do not think that he does, because he is not in a physical body, for him it might be like watching tv is for us, someone gets his head blown off and we just watch as part of the entertainment, the difference is that what god watches is real.
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