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  1. thanks . You just said what i wanted to. Reservations in india should change from cast based to parent's educational qualification based. i.e even if one of the parent of a person is educated , he /she loses the right under reservation. Coz i have a personal experience where a SC who's dad is a chartered accountant and this guy is a spoilt kid . he gets all he wants and does not study at all. Now what will happen to the community if this person becomes a doctor under the reservation ? just think. The reservation policy is actually backfiring at us because highly educated Brahamins and forward cast people migrate to other countries for better opportunities which they din't have in India due to the fact that hey are brahamins or ere born as an FC.
  2. You can't accuse every brahamin . There are certain pockets in India where brahamin customs are still being followed. I am a secular person yet do my duty as a brahamin . I do trikala-sandhyavandhanam(prayer 3 times a day), go to temple everyday but my music preference is Hip-Hop and I live in Chennai. So it is up to a person to follow his religion. I am making an effort to study the vedas and I am learning Rudram and chamakam. My best friend is a muslim and he tells the values of the quran and he also does namas 5 times a day . I find a lot of similarities between all religions . Generally all brahamins who i know have no attitude or superiority complex. But tthere are few people out there who bring a bad name to our community. All i want to tell is that don't come to a conclusion about a community just by a few bad encounters you have had .
  3. I do agree with you. I am a brahamin from south India(tamil nadu). You can't generalize every brahamin like that . My view is that because nowadays after bringing in reservations (even after 60 yrs after independence) brahamins feel that they are not given due credit to their performance . For eg one SC guy got 67% in 12th and I got 94% and he got admission in a reputed college . Moreover That guy's dad is an educated man with a fat wallet. Now that guy has an undue advantage because he is a SC . Small incidents like this make bahamins supporting brahamins for their existence . Moreover it is common to see people of one community supporting their community.
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