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  1. I have read about "gorocanaa", a bright yellow orpiment prepared from the bile of cattle (employed in painting , dyeing , and in marking the Tilaka on the forehead; in med. used as a sedative , tonic , and anthelmintic remedy). This is what the dictionary says. If it is true that the Hindus never kill and never sacrifice cattle, then please someone explain how "gorocanaa" is obtained.
  2. Shaivas say Shiva is not the god of tamas. All right. Then may i ask, which is the deity of tamas? most people are taamasic, they eat always taamasic food, smoke, drugs, alcohol, they are especially active during taamasic hours and do all taamasic acts; so they worship the god of tamas by their way of living. Then some one say clearly, who is the god of tamas?
  3. By the way, in the Qalqi pyraanam Qalqi is said to worship Ziwa at his youth, and thus he got a boon of a horse and the mighty sword from lord Ziwa. But then Qalqi is said to be QARA-HARA-ZARA,NA that is "the shelter of qara (brahmaa) and hara (ziwa), or he is all three: he is qara=creator, hara=destroyer and zara,na=shelter. So, every time the God of life descends to earth, he plays the role of a human, and the role of humans includes worshipping Ziwa. This is only a role. In reality, all deities worship the God of Life, and they are part of his body. The bad thing is that a part of God's body has become cancerous, so the God of Life has to remove it. I advise: do not take part in God's body's cancer. Thank you.
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