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  1. I'm a christian by birth, hindu by choice, but i must say that hindus, itself doubt more about there religion than an outsiders. I being an outsider initially, did not belive in first about hanuman-the monkey god..how can a monkey head like be a god...boy !! im soo mistaken..about hindu mythology, belive it or not ...it is well damm very true... Lord Hanuman, so too krishna, ram they exist right now right here, all you have to do is raise the concious level of your mind. and you will see all.. Do not read gita or bible or kuran or go to temple ..if thats too hard to do or believe ,..thata there are such things as devas and devi's... There is a very very simple method to see all these devine beings in one form or the othere.. Just for 21 days !!! yes..in kal yug that is enough....do not utter a word of lie....just be truthfull for 21 days..and belive me you will see god ..that you want to see... it may seem easy that three weeks of truth ..boy !!! just do this in kali yuga and its equivalent to 100 years in sat yuga.. Your all doubts about god exists , incarnation, kalki will be solved by yourself.. Just try it out..and post your feelings after 21 days..
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