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  1. HaribolJaya Srila Prabhupada! I think that the point is on following instruction or VANI of Acarya and EGO quest when you must applay power of discrimination, must be seen as a wrong application We must choos acarya among fake or hypocriets isnt it? In my humble oppinion I think that the verdict of choosing a guru as a peremptorili NORMAL thing in Vedic society must be caution and NOT on the sentiment based rather on Discrimination Basis and doubting and turning a very singl stone from the past deeds of particular Guru and Order/permission/selfmanifesting quality to be sort of evidance So instruction from His Divine Grace is of course to doubt certain things and NOT just as comon Fundamentalist said it is aparadha or this is worshiping of own ego....Krishna do not like that nor the Manu samhita. This is a age of Kali and they are coming to take birth among acarya society to be able to take positions and of corse by the means of changing the philosophi and books !!!! Already seen folks belive me... hare krishna
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