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  3. U-Tube Videos, Quotes, Blogs, MP3 bhajans of Shri Datta Swami Spiritual Knowledge: U-Tube Videos http://in.youtube.com/user/Dattaswami Quotes: http://www.gurusfeet.com/quotes/1127 Blogs: http://www.gurusfeet.com/blogs/dattaswami2 http://dattaswami.sulekha.com/blog/posts.htm MP3 Bhajans: http://dattaswami.blog.co.uk/2008/02...ajans~3702136/ <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--> www.universal-spirituality.org
  4. Veda says that even a single particle of the food should not be wasted Donation is very dangerous like double edged knife. Donating to undeserving persons is very big sin and not mere wastage. Today, if you see the feast of a marriage function, you will find most of the plates after feast are full of food items leftover. When you throw this food, it becomes a source for bacteria and virus, which may harm even good people in the society. Thus, the people, who have thrown the food, become sinners. The owner of feast, who gave this expensive food to them is also another sinner and will be punished by the divine law. Both doer and promoter are equally punished (Kartha karaiyitaa chaiva...). Finally the married couple is also affected. Veda says that even a single particle of the food should not be wasted (Annamna parichakshita...). Once, in a function, the people were wasting food and the beggars on the other side were searching for the food in the leaves thrown away after the feast. One devotee asked Bhagavan Shri Satya Sai Baba like this, “O Swami! What is this! In your creation I find people throwing food on one side and people searching for the thrown food on the other side”. Bhagavan Baba replied “Those beggars were also rich in the previous birth and threw the food like these rich people. They are now born as beggars and are searching for the food thrown by them in the past”. Therefore, the minimum eligibility of the receiver of food is: not to throw even an iota of food. www.universal-spirituality.org
  5. The real aim of the marriage function The actual aim of the function is also lost and other unnecessary aims are linked. The real aim of the marriage function is that the priest (Acharya) called as Brahma or Vasishtha explains the couple through the Vedic hymns, the co-operation between the husband and wife to succeed in the materialistic life, which is the basis for their spiritual effort. The main goal is the co-operation between the husband and wife in the spiritual effort to achieve the grace of God before the end of this human life. The explanation of this concept through Vedic statements makes the ritual a class of preaching (Jnana Yajna). But, today neither the priest nor any one there is aware of the meaning of Vedic hymns. The priest reads the Vedic hymns like a tape recorder and nobody there is bothered about the Vedic meaning. Since, the main goal is lost, unnecessary goals have taken over the charge of function. The unnecessary goals are: exhibition of egoistic show of the crowd, exhibition of financial status through the level of expenditure, receiving gifts for giving feast as a reciprocating business, finding faults with each other (both the parties of bride and bridegroom) etc. The parents and the couple become interested in the crowd of people surrounding them with praise and greetings, since they never had such opportunity in their life by way of some special achievement. They satisfy their psychological interest for fame by this way! They are unaware of their own weakness due to lack of self analysis! You must do some great work for the society and the people should surround you with greetings in spontaneous way. www.universal-spirituality.org
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  8. U-Tube Videos http://in.youtube.com/user/Dattaswami Quotes: http://www.gurusfeet.com/quotes/1127 Blogs: http://www.gurusfeet.com/blogs/dattaswami2
  9. God's Management of deeds of a soul God acts as Father as well as the teacher (Guru) in the case of any soul. Since God created the soul, He is the Father. But at the same time He is the teacher who trains every soul to come up in the spiritual path. Generally in the world the father is different since teacher is separate. But here in the case of any soul the real Father and the real teacher is only one and that is God. Therefore, God is always kind as Father and is strict and harsh as teacher. But the harshness of the teacher is apparent only and in reality the harshness is kindness only. Hence, basically God is always kind. God appears harsh as the teacher and appears kind as Father. Since, the teacher is basically kind even in his harsh attitude also, God is always kind in reality or in the basic sense. The souls have done continuous sins and continuous good deeds and if the results are to be given based on the same sequence and span of time, there will be continuous punishments for long time and continuous happiness for another span of long time. Then it will be summer for one year and winter for one year. But the kindest God has re-arranged our results in such manner so that our human life is made with alternative good and bad results so that there will be summer for two months and winter for two months so that the two years are made with alternative couple of months of summer and winter. Neither summer nor winter bores with continuity and both summer and winter with the span of one year each gets exhausted. The punishments are used to remove the ignorance and happiness is given as an interval between punishments. The punishments are also selected in such a way so that their intensity is suitable to the frequency of requirement for the transformation in the life again and again. This means that a particular soul requires a particular punishment of a specified intensity suitable to the degree of ignorance of the soul and based on the same, the duration of the punishment also varies from one soul to the other. According to the requirement, a suitable portion from the result of the sin is cut like a piece from a large cake. The size of the piece depends on the requirement of the nature of the soul. The sizes of the pieces of the salt (bad result) and sweet (Good result) cakes depend upon the duration of treatment and interval required by the nature of the soul. The salt cake is a medicine for the ignorance and the sweet cake is the food during the treatment for the patient-soul. The left over cakes are used for the external hell and heaven in the upper world. Whatever may be the place (hell or heaven or earth), the punishments are given for the treatment of ignorance only. In the earth the punishments are used as medicines but in the hell the punishments are used as the final surgery for removing the ignorance. In any case only the kindness of God is always reflected. Thus, God can be seen as Father or Teacher or Doctor giving medicines or surgeon doing operation and in all angles only the kindness is reflected always. He is always working constantly to uplift every soul. God works as Teacher, Doctor and Surgeon and at the same time the God with an attitude of the Father also observes the possible limit up to which the soul can withstand the treatment. Once the limit is reached, God will regain the attitude of Father withdrawing Himself from the attitude of Teacher or Doctor or Surgeon and as a Father He starts giving the food of happiness for some time. Remember that He is using the bad and good results of the deeds of the soul only in every action to uplift the soul. The deeds are done by the soul in a free atmosphere and God has no trace of interference and the same time all this treatment and food arranged alternatively makes the life cycle quite interesting to the soul without boring since continuity of anything is absent. Otherwise the soul would have got bored and the Samskara (strong feeling) of boring should have followed the soul and the soul must have developed repulsion to this world as soon as it is born in this world.
  10. Statue eats food! A devotee referred to a story of a devoted boy by whose innocent devotion, the statue became live God and ate the offered food. Swami replied: several people create Stories. I do not think that this is possible because no sincere devotee who can tell only the truth can say like this in spite of hectic devotion. There is no end to these stories. But you can draw a very good conclusion from this story. This means that the statue never eats the food. The statue has to be converted in to human form to eat the offered food. This finally means that the human form of God alone can eat the offered food and therefore the real service can be done only to the human form and not the statue. In the story the devoted boy has taken the correct meaning of Nivedanam which is offering food to God. He proved that the daily offering of food to God done by his father was not correct and he taught the truth to his father. Of course, God has the super power to eat the food even through the statue without converting the statue in to human form. Such special type of eating or conversion of statue in to human form involves the unnecessary use of the special super power because God is available in human form to eat the food offered by you. At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami Anil <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:city w:st="on">Antony</st1:city></st1:place> www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  11. What is the importance of human incarnation over a statue in our worship? A statue cannot test your real essence in the sacrifice. When you offer food to a statue the sacrifice is only by words and by mind but when you sacrifice the food to the human incarnation the sacrifice is real because the human form of the Lord eats the food. Thus the reality of the worship comes out only when the Lord is in human form. Sakthuprastha was tested by the Lord in human form and not by the statue.
  12. In the indirect worship, the worship is not aimed at the model but it is aimed at the God only. God is pleased to some extent in such worship also because the aim is God only. Of course, in the direct worship God is extremely pleased because God, who always exists in the human form only and receives your service directly. God does not exist in the inert objects (Natasya pratima <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">asti</st1:City></st1:place>… Veda) but still He is pleased in such worship also because the aim is God only. People worship salagrama (a piece of stone) as a representative model of Vishnu (God). Here, the worship is aimed at Vishnu and not aimed at the stone. Sumati worshipped her husband Kaushika as God. Kaushika is the greatest sinner and was ready to go to hell. But from such worship of Kaushika, Sumati derived super power to stop the sunrise! Only God controls the sun (Bishodeti suryah … Veda). The wretched Kaushika cannot give such power to Sumati. This power is derived from God only because when Sumati worshipped her husband as God, the worship was aimed at God and not aimed at Kaushika. Kaushika was a representative model of God for Sumati like the petty stone (salagrama) representing the all-pervading Lord Vishnu. If that is the power of Sumati obtained from indirect worship of God, what shall be power of a devotee who worships God directly through the service to the contemporary human incarnation? Hanuman worshipped Rama who was His contemporary human incarnation and became God and controlled the sun forever. Veda says that the sun moves constantly due to the fear to God. Even in His childhood He was meditating upon Rama introduced by His mother and the result of that was the power to swallow the sun like a fruit!
  13. The unimaginable God requires a medium for expression. When the medium is charged by God the medium is treated as God directly and service to such medium is the direct service to God. When the wire is charged by the current, touching the live wire means touching the current only. But if you touch the picture of a live wire on a paper, you are not touching the current. It is only an indirect representative model of the live wire. Service to the charged medium is called as sakshat upasanam, which is direct service. Service to the representative model is called as pratika upasanam, which is indirect service only. The indirect service is a total waste because neither you are experiencing God in the model nor God is experiencing your service. This second type of worship is the worship of statues of God. Then, why not we do away with this second type of worship? No. It becomes necessary since majority of the human beings does not recognize the contemporary human incarnation due to repulsion between common external media or common external gross human bodies. For such majority, the model worship is maintained so that through such worship, at least the psychological repulsion to the human form is removed because the statues are carved in human form only like Vishnu, Rama, Jesus etc. Some people have repulsion even to the human form in the statue and for such people the Shivalinga, which has no human form, is established. At least the concept of formless God is removed here since Shivalinga has a form. Some worship formless objects like light energy as representative models of God. Some worship qualities like love, bliss, etc as representative models of God. The human body contains awareness (soul), qualities (jeeva), matter (gross body) and energy as the shining and heat of the body and thus is a complete medium. For such psychological treatment of the human beings to remove the repulsion to the human form the rituals in the temples are being carried on even though the service part is a waste. The initiation of life in the statues in the temples indicates the concept of life in the inert material body (statues). This initiation of life (prana pratishtha) advises you to go for the live human form and it does not mean that the same inert statue became alive after such initiation, since no sign of life is witnessed in the statue after such initiation. The ignorant priest says that the radiation of life (pranakala) entered the statue but all this is a brainwash only, since the statue does not even vibrate once.
  14. Sacrifice of what? Sacrifice to whom? These two are the important points. Sacrifice proves the real love. Sacrifice of words, mind, intelligence, work and fruit of work are the five items. The sacrifice of the former three items is theoretical devotion which is fruitful only when it is transformed into the sacrifice of the last two items which is the practical love. You can realize this truth in your daily experience as seen in the case of your children. Theoretical love alone will not give any fruit. The theoretical knowledge and theoretical devotion are like water and fertilizer which applied to the service-tree can only give fruits through the tree and not directly. The meals should be associated with the drinking water but offering drinking water only to the guest cannot be charged. Even the hotel does not charge for it. The sacrifice of first three items is offering drinking water and the sacrifice of other two is offering meals. To prove that your bond to God is highest, you have to sacrifice the highest bond. The other bonds need not be tested. The highest bond may be Dharma, money, life, or children etc. Some have highest bond with one of these and they can sacrifice all the other bonds for the sake of that particular highest bond. In such case God competes with that highest bond only to know whether He is higher than your highest. People are saying that God is highest for them. Some say this with ignorance and some tell this knowing that it is not true. In both cases, God proves the truth through the test (Datta Pariksha). God knows the truth but the revelation of truth is for your sake and not for His sake. If you realize the truth, you will try to succeed in the next examination by doing the spiritual effort. Otherwise, you are expecting God to believe whatever you say and react accordingly. All the prayers to God are utterances of lies only and all the worships are the trials to fool God. Generally the word sacrifice is used in the sense of sacrificing the fruit of work (money or wealth) and service means the sacrifice of work. The saints are not having any wealth because they have dedicated themselves in the service of the Lord. Therefore sacrifice of fruit of work does not apply to their case. Hanuman is a bachelor-saint and so can only do the sacrifice of work. The requirement of the Lord is also very important. To get back Sita, the Lord required only sacrifice of work and the other sacrifice was not required. <st1:place w:st="on">Krishna</st1:place> was a young boy in Brundavanam and does not require the sacrifice of work because His mission has not started. Gopikas were householders and women who cannot sacrifice the work like Hanuman in a war against injustice. They sacrificed their wealth (Butter) because the boy also requires good food to grow well. The requirement was for the sacrifice of the fruit of the work. Butter was the fruit of their tedious work. When the war against injustice came, the Lord required the sacrifice of work from Arjuna just like from Hanuman. Rama required the service in His personal work whereas <st1:place w:st="on">Krishna</st1:place> required the service in the work of the devotees (Pandavas). If you take Sankara, the Lord required the service of the four disciples in propagation of knowledge for the welfare of the society. Similarly Ramanuja and Madhva required the service of the disciples in the propagation of devotion and divine service. Therefore the Lord may sometimes require your service in His personal work or your service in the personal work of a devotee or in the welfare of society. The Lord knows what to do when. His decision is always the best. You should not analyze the Lord because He is beyond logic. . Once you have recognized the God, the logic should be dropped. The logic is only used to reject the non-God items posing as God. Logic is very much required in this line. However, once the confirmation was over with the help of logic, you should serve Him with blind faith. You can use the logic for identifying the Lord and the logic is useful here to filter the pseudo human incarnations. The fruit of work (money) is only another form of work. When you work, you get some money as the fruit. When you sacrifice that fruit, it means you have done that work. Alternatively, when you have done that work to the Lord, you have sacrificed the fruit of work. Work is a form of energy. Matter (money) is also a form of energy. Therefore work and money are one and the same even in the light of the inter conversion of matter and energy as proved in science. One can do any one of these two or both according to his convenience and according to the extent of his devotion. The devotion should not be due to fear from hell expecting the Lord to protect them there. The devotion should not be also for any fruit in return. When there is no aspiration for any fruit and when there is no desire for protection here or there, such devotion is real. Sankara says that the devotion and service should not aspire any fruit here as well as there (ihaamutra phala viragah). At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami Anil <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">Antony</st1:City></st1:place> www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  15. The atheist says that God does not exist. For him God is nothing i.e., vacant space. This is the first stage. When he sees miracles he becomes the believer in God. He accepts God as some power or energy. The power or energy is also formless, like vacant space. So the concept of God is near to his previous concept and thus the atheist (Scientist) accepts the formless (Nirakara) God very easily. The third stage is God with form (Sakara). In this stage statues in the human form are introduced. The training is given to do the sixteen upacharas (services) to these statues in human form. This training indicates that they have to worship the God in human form in this way. The sixteen upacharas are actually related to the human form only. For eg: the first upachara ‘Aavahanam’ means invitation corresponds to the human being only and not to inert statue. The statue in the temple is better than the statue in your house. Why? Because in the temple the ‘Pranaprathista’ i.e., initiation of life is done to the statue. This again indicates that you have to worship the statue with life. The concept is the inert statue plus life is equal to human being. Therefore in the temple the statue indicates that you have to worship the statue with life i.e., the human form of God only. Like this you are slowly trained to worship the human form of the God by the sixteen upacharas. In this training when your egoism and jealousy is completely destroyed now the human form of the God is introduced. Unless your egoism and jealousy are completely destroyed you cannot accept the human form directly. So the worship of the inert statue in the human form introduces the concept of human form, then the initiation of life (Prana pratishta) introduces the concept of living human form. Thus this is a gradual transformation of you by reducing your egoism and jealousy. When your egoism and jealousy are completely removed, the final human form of God is introduced. Only a particular man like Lord Krishna is God. This is Advaita philosophy, which is extended to every man due to the same jealousy and egoism. If every man is God, nobody requires salvation. Like this when you are travelling from vacant space to formless energy or power then you are accepting the human form but without life which is a statue in your house. In the same stage you are accepting the statue plus life in the temple, which means only a living human form. Finally you are catching the God in the present living human form. Whatever I preached here is having the best practical proof. Hanuman, the greatest of the human beings in this world worshipped Rama only who was a living human being in his time. He did not go down i.e.; he never meditated upon the formless God or the statues. In Valmiki Ramayana such things are not mentioned. He never worshipped even previous human incarnations like ‘Vamana’. He worshipped only the human incarnation present in his generation. Similarly Radha never worshipped ‘Rama’ but worshipped only <st1:place w:st="on">Krishna</st1:place> who was the human incarnation of her generation. As per Bhagavatham Radha also never worshipped the statues or the formless God. Hanuman became Brahma and Radha became the queen of the 15<sup>th</sup> World ‘Goloka’. Nobody in this world will attain a better position than these two. So your spiritual journey must end in recognizing the human incarnation of God present in your generation. God is impartial and so He comes down in human form in every generation. If you say Lord Krishna is only the latest incarnation, then that generation was blessed and God became partial. Therefore God is coming in human form in every human generation. People are not recognizing Him because after the incarnation of <st1:place w:st="on">Krishna</st1:place> the egoism and jealousy are growing continuously in all the human beings. The man did not recognize the God coming in human form after <st1:place w:st="on">Krishna</st1:place>. After <st1:place w:st="on">Krishna</st1:place> and before ‘Kalki’ is ‘Kaliyuga’. Due to the influence of the ‘Kali’ people are full of egoism and jealousy and so they cannot recognize the human form of God in ‘Kaliyuga’. God comes in different human forms in the same time in various levels for the sake of devotees in various levels. He comes as a schoolteacher for the school students, as a lecturer for the college students and as a Professor for the post graduate students. Since the school students and college students are large in number he comes down as a number of schoolteachers and college lecturers. Such incarnations are called as ‘Amsavataras’, which mean the incarnations of a small portion of His power. The incarnation of His radiation is called ‘Kalavatara’ which is the formless God like light worshipped by some believers. The light travels as waves and the Siva Linga in the temple represents this formless God. Since the Post graduation students are less in number only one professor comes down and He is the ‘Pari poorna tamavathara’ i.e., the most complete incarnation, which reveals the final true knowledge. He is called ‘Satguru’ or the original Datta in the human form. Datta exists in two forms. 1) The three headed form. 2) One headed form. The three headed form indicates ‘<st1:place w:st="on">Para</st1:place> brahma’ (God) who creates, rules and destroys the Universe by His three faces. The other single headed form is the external human form in which the three-headed form exists as the internal form, which is not seen. This is the essence of the ‘Eka Mukha Datta’ (One headed from) and ‘Trimukha Datta’ (The three headed form). Therefore the Schoolteacher shows miracles and converts the atheist into theist. The college lecturer trains the theists in the worship of the statues having human form to remove ego and jealousy in the man and make him a devotee. The last university professor gives the final true knowledge that God comes down in human form only and that He (the professor) Himself is God.
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