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  1. Regarding this topic I liked Gandhi's reply. He said accept the fact that nothing is perfect in this world.take what is good and acceptable to ur conscience and move ahead...no point in justifying what is not perfect. Rama had no choice but to kill vali that way because of the boon which vali had....and by character Vali is a bigger rogue than Ravana.u can't reason with him. I learned 2 things from ramayana. 1.one may be exceptionally learned person but if He does not have basic qualities of being a good human being he is still a rakshasa....both Ravana and vali are exceptionally learned in scriptures but not good human beings. 2.god wanted to show by example to humans how to handle hopeless situations and tough times.there are no short cuts.....Rama being narayana himself withstood the temptation of short cuts.....some of the ways Sita Devi and Rama handled problems are by being focused(shradda) and having patience(saburi) ,then make friends with right people....I could go and on.ramayana is the biggest gift I have ever received from my mother
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