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  1. Hi Hindudes:) I have always sought a spiritual truth which fits my sense of reason. I am 45 and as a child I thought much about life and what I saw and was told. I never found a spiritual path which made sense to me until I read Bhagavad Gita in 2011. It was amazing to me because I had already realised I can't claim to believe something which my reason tells me is wrong but whenever I found a difficulty in the Bhagavad Gita I was able to resolve it and it still made sense - wow. Since I realised its truth I have begun to experience the benefit of the peace I find. The beginning of transformation in my thinking is magical and to think that I am at the very start is exciting and a bit daunting. I come from a christian background and it always felt like I was being taken on a forced march which always pointed at the goal and promised me that progress was being made but I could never get closer to the goal or connect it to my waking reality. At last I realised for all the pain of the journey I was being led in circles and up dead ends. When I read the Bhagavad Gita it was like an infinitely wise guide sat next to me and gave me the clearest map ever. Suddenly I realised how immense the road was to reach the goal and how it might be more challenging than I ever imagined. Its as if the guide says, "set off when you are ready, its up to you how long you take and how far off the path you want to wander but if you want to cause and suffer the least pain and have the best outcome you would do well to follow this path." So here I am! - I fall off the path many times each day but I try never to lose sight of it or I might forget about it all together! I have so many questions, some huge and some about everyday stuff. As an english man I have no cultural context to express my 'belief'. How would you suggest I could worship in a genuine Hindu sense but I don't want to be false and perform acts without understanding or sincerity. At the moment I don't know any Hindus or anyone who I can talk to about 'God' and life and 'Dharma' I am definitely a Hindu by the definition I have read but I have no real understanding or knowledge of the language of the texts. I feel I am or I want to be what is described as Dikshā Hindu or Karma Hindu. Any advice would be very welcome. Sorry if this is the wrong part of the Forum but I could not see a place to introduce myself so I think my question is a Spiritual Discussion? Thanks, Rog
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