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  1. It's a very big sin is a cow has got dead due to someone's mistake We have 3 cows at our home and all go out home in the morning but their babies stays at our home only ... one day when i was giving chapati to one on that small cow i sow there was many germs in it's body that used to suck it's blood and i ask my father that to put some meditation in it's body as due to that germs it's not gowning as it should be. After two days my father put the mediation external and suddenly the Poisson started in it's body my father washed the mediation and called the doctor but doctor said he can not help it and in few mins that small cow died that was not even one year old ... this all happened yesterday and my father is feeling too much guilty for that not talking to anyone and very much depress and THis all happened as asked him to put some meditation... we all are very much sorry and feeling very very bad can anyone please help me and tell me if there is any Praschit of this I know that it's a very big sin but it all happened my Mistake so please help
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