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  1. He is funded by wahabbis of saudi (who also fund terrorist acts) he is not some genuine scholar but a fake joker, who is given lots of money to creat misinformation about other religion and twist facts to make his (false) claims true, my advice is to not listen to such paid propogandanists... kalki bhagwan is already here.. he will be born and in his initial years, his inner spirit will be resting... he will only awaken when the real time comes
  2. Read this : How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 5: Does Hinduism Accept Newcomers Usually you will find a priest there in the temple, you can just go and talk to him, he will suggest the rituals and you can then proceed to be formally recognied as a hindu
  3. It is indeed true, Aryans or the people who were spiritually pure are none other than those who formed the Indus valley civillisation, the other BS perpertrated by the whites that aryans came from europe is nothing but a pure myth... If aryans were outsiders, why did they refer to specific aspects of India?? Why would they create a completely new language (sanskrit) to write rig veda?? Why would they not use ancient babylonian or sumerian writings?? This is a pure british propoganda that many still like to keep close to their hearts, purely due to racial reasons.. India was first home to a certain species of humans called Homo Erectus that then evolved to Homo Sapiens. However, over the recent years, there have been some minute samples in which they found west asian genes purely due to the fact that some muslims may have afghani/arabian origins due to rapa dn murder that used to happen in mughal times... that's a very good yardstick the white supremists use to show their superioirty... INDIANS=ARYANS...only Indians can think of values and eace that any other civillisation has seldom thought of most of the so called greek inventions are nothing but an Indian version of european fairytales... made to claim superiority ....
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