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  1. If anyone attacks North Korea, NK, who probably has the biggest artillary in the world, will destroy Seoul.
  2. Go to wikipedia and look up "Battle of Karbala". The Mohammadans have been "dealing with judgment day" for 1300 years. Why will they finally destroy each other now? Every generation has Chicken Little doomsayers.
  3. Well excuuse me, prabhu. I only used the phrase "GM guru" within quotes, to quote how ISKCON and rtvks refer to everyone in the line of Bhaktisiddhanta that is not within the ISKCON umbrella. Again, none of the current acharyas or acharya lineages still have this official "Gaudiya Math" affiliation. If an acharya was in Gaudiya Math as a disciple, they formed their own missions as acharyas. Srila Sridhar Maharaj formed his own mission, as did Srila BP Keshava Maharaj, Srila BD Madhava Maharaj, Srila BP Puri Maharaj, and Srila BV Puri Maharaj.
  4. Check out Qiyamah on Wikipedia for So-called Judgment day. Muslims don't baptize like Christians. They Each make the oath of faith; Asshadu Anla ILAH ILLA LLAH ASSHAHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN ABDUHU WA RASULULUHU. Or were you joking? If so ... LOL!
  5. I believe just about every so-called "GM Guru", including Srila Sridhar Maharaj, has disassociated themselves from "Gaudiya Math".
  6. Yay! Another thread where the ISKCON and ritvik proponents quote Prabhupada when he says don't go to Gaudiya Math, then the pro-GM group of people makes quotes that has Prabhupada as being favorable toward several "Gaudiya Math" gurus, then the pro-ISKCONers and rtvks repost original quotes, then the pro-GM camp quotes Prabhupada when he says something unrelated to GM-gurus that shouldn't be taken literally. I can't wait to see this one take shape, I lost the 100 GM versus ISKCON and ritvik threads that I archived.
  7. I know someone with psoraisis and an ayurvedic doctor said he had an effective treatment. Has anyone here tried the ayurvedic path?
  8. Muslims are like us in many ways. They too don't want just a quote, they want a source to tack on to it. Just like how we've heard "Prabhupad said" so many times, they too have heard "Mohammad said" in the same context. It would be best to find where exactly your quote comes from. Is it directly from Qur'an, or is it Haditha? "Puranas Islamic"? What do they call that? If you're referring to Qur'an, please provide a Sura and verse #.
  9. Forget this person and try to find a sattvic relationship with a lady who is really pious, and who comes from a good family (I'm not talking about caste, but good, pious, ethical people).
  10. Go the slow and steady path, do what you can. Some may say to give it all up and become a monk if you like a few kirtans, but there is a burnout potential. Read Bhagavad Gita first, and move on to other texts, and hear from devotees. The pastimes of Sri Caitanya are sweet to read, as well, once you have some rudimentary knowledge of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
  11. You should specify which sura in the Qur'an that is from. I think it's an interesting verse, one I hope to point Muslims to in the future
  12. Where does Sripad Narayana Maharaja specifically make it clear that these "some followers" are clearly wrong?
  13. I don't see how he could change the essence of what is said through a simple matter of rephrasing or sugar coating. And I've been informed of Indian followers telling American followers not to stay at the math but go on the world tour instead. It seems everyone is suffering from "Grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome, and they want to blame an entire sanga for problems, and say that only an alternative situation is better.I've learned that it's all the same diksa, whether it's in Mother Bharata or the 'evil satanic west'. When mahabhagavat is there, it's Vrindavan, apparently. Everyone is brother and sister under the umbrella of the acharya. To discount western bodied people is not only prejudicial, but it places doubt on the potency and intention of your own acharya's diksa and his intents to preach in the west. You as a westerner also give yourself a convenient excuse for constant failure. "All of you who are following this disciplic succession are ISKCON. Don't think that you are not. I am ISKCON. I'm not different from ISKCON" SNM, Murwillumbah, Australia: Feb. 18, 2002 (evening) Who appointed these managers? Not in the past year or less, but rather, over the years? This was not an overnight process. This is an interesting choice of example that you are using. According to SNM's "Did Srila Prabhupada know?" the mahabhagavat knows all about it.
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