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  1. Hi everyone, I have a lot to say, so I figured I'd give a brief summary and people could choose to read on if they want, and otherwise they could answer based on this. I grew up in a Hindu household in America, but I never learned that much about Hinduism. Today, I am very scared because I’ve started thinking about God and don’t know what the truth is. It’s tough because there are so many religions today, and they all tell different stories of how the world was created, how we have to live our lives and worship, and where we go when we die. On top of that, i work in a science/engineering atmosphere where it is believed that there is an answer for why everything happens. It's hard to find a belief in God and where he fits in our world with science that has some disagreements with what he has said or done. I want to believe in God and build a relationship with God, but I’m afraid of making the wrong decision on religions since I don’t know what the truth is. Furthermore, it’s hard because I’ve been hearing that a lot of religions are based on culture or heavily influenced by man, and it’s not about God’s will or necessarily the truth. I’ve heard about a lot of people convince themselves to believe just because they’re afraid of dying, and they like what the religion promises. Also, I hear they might only have heard of one religion, and they convince themselves so strongly over time that it’s real that they aren’t able to see the truth. To make it even scarier, I hear about a lot of false prophets and cult leaders who gain followers simply for the gain of money and self promotion, but people blindly believe in what they’re being told. For example, Sadhguru seems to say all this stuff about Krishna/God are just stories, but he seems to promote himself and has a lot of money gained and temple to promote himself. I also hear about the new Sai Baba guy(not the original) and how he does fake tricks like making ash appear, or making rings and other things show up out of handkerchiefs, but everyone has strong belief that he is God or under God. I would HATE to fall into one of those and live my entire life the wrong way, not have a real relationship with God, and not have the afterlife I expected. I’ve slowly been learning about Swaminarayan, and he seems to be very real and genuine form of God. I am interested in him because he is so recent, so i was hoping people would have more input on him. He also seems to validate Krishna and Ram from what I've heard. I’m just very scared of it being some scam in the interest of gaining money or fame/etc. I read a little about Swaminarayan being a scam started to gain an amount of money. Can someone give me some insight? I’m really scared of everything being a scam. I hate the idea of there being no God, and I hate the idea of dying and never seeing my parents again. I'll post some extra stuff that is on my mind for further reading in my post following this. I didn't want to overburden the reader, but i'd be happy if people could address what i write there as well. again, please respond...I'm very scared and not at peace with the idea of if God exists, how i know he does exist and what he truly wants, how to avoid any scams and have the truth, and what will happen to us, etc.
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