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  1. Hello ! Does somebody know about a description from patanjali (or panini) how to produce the sounds of औ and ऐ in classical Sanskrit ? Would be glad if somebody could supply the Devanagari lines for that plus maybe an english translation. Thank You !
  2. Hello ! I have trouble finding the right pronunciation of औ and ऐ and i would like to have a pronunciation guide by an ancient source for classical sanskrit. I heard patanjali in his Mahabhashya would have done this. Does someone know where in this work he speaks about the pronunciation of these letters and what he says about how to pronounce them ? Thank You !
  3. Hello ! Is there a pronunciation guide by patanjali how to produce the sounds for औ and ऐ correctly ? Because just by the sandhi for a + e = ai one can not go, as there is also the sandhi aa + i = ai which would apologize for the version of pronoucing ai as in the english i. Finally we hear both versions even in one mantra as in the navakshari mantra: Aum , Aim, hreem, kleem, chamundayai vicce. So here the ai in Aim is differently pronounced as the ai at the end in chamundayai. Why is that ? Thank You !
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    Hello ! Yes, i found quotes about pronuinciation of औ and ऐ in taittiriya praatsihakhya like you described; that holds well for the taittiriya, but whats about classical sanskrit ? Is there a similar pronunciation guide by patanjali for औ and ऐ and what does he say how to pronounce these ?
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