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  1. etc etc... You quote out of the Vedas which was compiled by Vyasdeva. And if you know the whole background, after he compiled the vedas and composed the Mahabharata, Vyas was still not satisfied with the work and so he was in distress, he thought he was missing something important. After Narad made him realise his mistake, He wrote "Srimad bhagvatam" which is all about the glories of Lord Krishna, and Srimad bhagwatam was written cuz Vyas knew that people in Kali Yuga are not that intelligent to understand the details of the vedic scriptures. so bhagwatam like vyas's commentary on his own work (which should obviously be better than any other persons commentary on his work . so i think bhagwatam is the ultimate scripture if u believe in all the Vedas. Even if we ignore the above thing,your whole argument seems invalid(don't take it to heart tho' lol ) . All the time you talked about VISHNU and not KRISHNA, which is not the matter of discussion. And yes, there is a diff between Vishnu and Krishna. Vishnu is a plenary expansion of Krishna and not Krishna himself. I suppose you know that much after reading Rig Vedas and all that stuff. Long posts doesnt mean your intelligent. respect those who preach true things. this is india! dont hate. ((correct me if m wrong))
  2. main point is to to chant the name of Krishna whatever the way you do it doesnt matter. But the mahamantra is the ultimate mantra. so i think it is better you stick to it.
  3. Shiva is a devotee of Krishna! #END
  4. I just heard from my firend that the story we are being told about Bali maharaj and Vamandeva is a manipulated one. He watched a show on Lord Buddha TV that, (i dont exactly remeber that, also he didnt have details about the story nvm) Bali Maharaj was a lower caste or something and Vamanadeva being a brahmana asked him for his education etc which would not enable lower castes like him to study scriptures :\ they were talking on the Dalits and Brahmanas caste system and told this story.Anyone knows details about this? Is this true(i dont think it is, jus curious) Thanx..(just registerd here to ask this question :b)forgive me if i offended neone..or nething like that.
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