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  1. Why Only Vegetarianism? Dear all , I am presenting here some of the facts of why we need to be vegetarians to evolve spritually. First of all if we study our body anatomy it resembles herbivorous(plant eaters) but god created us as Omnivorous as we have the JeevaSudantra (freewill) to select or do good or evil. But from the anatomy we see our inherent body structure is to be of vegetarians. Our body digiestive fluid acidity, teeth structure, length of digestive system all resemble herbivorous. Leaving aside science, let us use our common sense to evaluate why we need to be vegetarians. As human we preach love and compassion and expect the same from others. It is also said getting a human birth is very rare. When we kill animals for food we clearly see the animals suffer the pain. It runs away fearing for the life and reacts in a same way like humans. Imagine the pain a animal suffers in slaughter houses or imagine a fish taken from water and now think and how we feel when we drown in water. If we care for these sufferings how can we expect god to help us in our trouble. For any progress on sprituallity we need compassion and Love. “Anbe Sivam” or “Love is god”. By eating flesh or animals we are killing the love. That’s why vallalar has said people who eat non-veg food will never get the grace of lord and their life will be determined only according to their fate. It is said removing the soul from a body forcefully is the highest pain a soul can suffer. We are forcefully removing the soul from a animal body and making it to suffer. As per the law of karma we are forced to suffer the same pain and fear either in this birth or other. Some people argue that plant too has life. Yes plant too has life in it but its consiousness is very poor or ill developed and the pain it suffers is far too meagre or insignificant as the plant doesnot have nervous system and sensory sytem as that of a animal (say a cow , sheep or fish). That’s why our scriptures tell that plants were with consiousness of 1st level or very basic consiousness. Also we can’t produce our own food we need to depend on plants which have the capability to produce its own food. See the beauty of god’s creation, god has given the capability for plants to produce its food but made it senses or consiousness so minimal. Clearly this shows the plant food is for humans. Also god has given the capability for humans to regrow a plant (rice, wheat, etc) from plant seedbut we can’t do so for animals. Now let us see what great saints and siddhars who have reached the highest state have told about non-eating. 1. Vallalar : He is the latest great saint we had who have acheived the greatest state in sprituality and who has overcome death by converting his physical body to spritualbody. In his writings he says “My Intelligence is going beyond universe and universes”. He clearly says who ever eats flesh of other beings is not eligible to get the grace of lord. He also says if a person has got siddhi to raise another person from death and if that person eats meat then he too cannot overcome the repeated cycle of birth and death. This great soul who advocated there is no difference in person based on birth, language , religion has divided people as Agavinathaar and Puravinathaar. Puravinathar is a person who eats meat and not virutuous and this type of person can never receive the grace of the lord. But any person by leaving side meat eating can become eligible for receiving the grace and can become Agavinathar. 2. Thriuvalluvar : Has written a complete stanza(10 Couplets) denouncing meat eating. 3. Thirumoolar , Manichavasagar: Has condemened meat eating and condems the meat eaters as Pulaiyars (???????? ). 4. All the major philosophies of Advaitam (by AdhiSankarar), Dwaitam(Madvacharyar) and Visistadvaidam (Ramanujar) advocates eating only vegetarian food for progress in sprituality. 5. jainism also condems meat eating strongly. So all major religions condemn meat eating. There are also saints who have reached lord despite meat eating. If we look at their history we see they have undergone lot of physical sufferings in their life before attaining divinity. That’s why vallalar when asked lord if anyone in anyplace has reached divinity like him without undergoing much difficulity, lord has told that he is the only person to realize him without undergoing much difficulity. This vallalar attributes to his jeevakarunyam. (Compassion he had for all the souls). Just think even the great souls has to undergo this sufferings to clean their karma despite their extreme devotion like kannapanayanaar. We as a ordinary humans can we undergo such sufferings? So the supreme lord’s law were same to all, if you commit wrong you will be punished accordingly. But if we repent and stop them any one can reach the supreme lord. We accumulate lot of bad karma by eating non-veg food which will prevent us from progressing towards spritiuality and we need extreme effort to overcome this karma. Today all our knowledge and views were influenced by what we read and what we see. So it is always better to read the works of great saints like vallalar, Thiruvalluvaar who have attained lord and follow them. We have seen all the great saints condeming meat eating, so we need to shun this meat eating for any one to progress on sprituality. Vegetarianism alone will not bring one closer to divinity but it will help one to do penance effectively and makes one good human with love and compassion towards all living beings around us. I know that it'll be hard for many who r good, yet the followers of non-veg since followed from childhood... It's also one of the pancha maa paavam...(pancha maga paavam, 5 great sins, killing - eating NV is also more dangerous than killing) There is a saying in tamizh to emphasize the importance of this "Kondraar paavam, thindaar pochu".... it's been changed in duetime as "Konna paavam, thinna pochu".. Original meaning is "The sin dont go to the butcher, only to who is eating the NV, coz, butcher is just working, it's his work..that's all.. one who eats ought to bear all the sin of the butcher also.." But, in due time, it's been changed as "Konna paavam, thinna pochu" - means, if we kill, it's paava, but it'll go when it's eaten... .... that's what is easily adoptable by many of us. Do things heartly... U cant change just for others... it should come heartly... so change when ur heart asks u to.... But, doing anything to increase ur energy, be it exercises, yoga, meditation or what soever it is, if u take NV and do, it's really dangerous. Unaware of it, many r doing yoga n esp. Pranayam following NV... If u ask me, i'll tell, it's better to do being a vegetarian.. but, in the other case, i m not so exact to answer, how far it's bad.... i dont know if it's dangerous r not, only that i knew is, eating NV increasing negative energy in ur "Casual Body" that's very unsuitable for any true sadhaka. The real scientific fact is, when anyone dies, the energy n feeling will be stored in that body... including animals. So, if u take NV, all that comes to u obviously... so automatically, in energy level, u will become impure n down... The other reason, plants r getting food directly from sunlight n they produce satvic foods that gives us satvic characters. We Indians, need to think that all these castes n religions came from outside... if we look into our own history, it will be clear.... we the Bharatha land to which we belong, followed only Sanatha Dharmam... till now, it's there... but not as much as when it flourished... half ruined by External Rulers , half due to the confusion among many a religion being inserted in the middle by outsiders, be it rulers r who came for habittage. The rest, for fear that we will loose our job if we follow our tradition, r for fear that we will look inferior if we follow our old age tradition in the midst of those who say they r modern, the ego that has been spread of few generation say 1 r 2 back, we are in dilemma... Be urself.... stop copying others.... there is nothing bad eating curd rice in the office in the midst of who is eating pizza.... it's our tradition..... The one who is eating pizza never get carried away to eat curd rice feeling, we r in their land, so should give importance to their diet thinking even scientifically... Please let us all try to reconsider our own tradition.... We all r telling that we r Indian... n related the name to indus river.... but that all r the stories from the rulers who wanted a divide n rule policy... the reality is, we are all from Sivam... Indu means "Moon".... "Chandra kalai"... it's related to Self realization.... but none think about it... The whole of the tradition in India that were followed before the rulers enter is the true modern concepts..... The olden people does everything by mind itself.... we r believing and just going back of machines lacking all those strength.... which is modernism? Be Indian... a true indian... then all will understand the value of Self Realization... Many r good being NV eaters. In the case, u r not able to leave NV due to ur childhood developed habbit, atleast start by reducing the frequency. Limit it to only NV that u like n stick to it, dont turn to other variety, for eg. only either fish, or only meat r only chicken r what so ever that u mostly go behind... Reduce the frequency in quantity n the increase the gap between the days u eat.. Please try to understand the food u choose as tastier is going to be tastier only in ur mouth, the tongue... that's it... once it move inside, please understand the effect of it.. The food is tamasic in nature, thats why we mostly feel dull n sleepy after we eat NV. The emotions of the animal(Mostly fear) will be there in the meat of the animal also in a subtle form which also evokes similar negative feelings in the person who eats that kind of food... the emotions may be also krotha(Anger n revenge type characteristic), r loba(Lust of any kind) etc... which is really dangerous to us.... it obviously increases our bad karma... Are we born to build up our own karma r to clear our karma n there by escape from the birth - death painful cycle. Why to go on increasing karma n to get bind up again and again in the birth-death cycle n suffer recurrently.... Please think it over n do things needed at ur earliest... wishes n regards, Siva Shakthi
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