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  1. Namaskarams! I want to know that why Amavasay tarpanam is to be performed only after father is no more.....if the mother passes away earlier, why there is no matru tarpanam? How will her soul get the food and water if there is no tarpanam for her, if she passes away before her husband? Regards, Sri rudra
  2. Namaskarams, Can someone give the the detailed meaning of the entire set of Dhyana Slokam of Laghunyasam? It starts from Aapatala Nabah stalant maanispurat......to nah prayachaantu soukyam... I need this urgently please Regards, Srirudra
  3. Namaskarams! I a looking for the full translation of the dhyana slokam of Laghunyasam that is from "Apatala nabah stalanta.............na prayachantu sowkyam. Kindly help Regards, Ravi
  4. Ghanapatham gives 1000 times more phalam (result) as compared to normal chanting, you will observe the each word gets repeated at least 13 times in ghanapatha, yes if you master the ghanapatham with proper swarams, you will be blessed with 1000 times more blessings by the god..... Srirudra
  5. Chanting Sri Rudram is the greatest healer for any diseases, are Lord Rudra is know to be Bhishak (Doctor) and Bheshaji(medicine provider). Om namo bhagavathe Rudraya !
  6. Namaskar ! Can anyone provide me a detailed transliteration of Laghunyasam. If its too big to type here, kindly mail it to my email id Regards
  7. Pleased to announce the formation of Veda Ghosham (Veda Classes) for teaching Vedas, starting with Sri Rudram and Chamakam. Kindly visit www.facebook.com/vedaghosham for more details in the "about" section. Regards, Ravishankar
  8. Hello all, Could someone tell me the meaning of Agnirmae vachih stritah, vagh hrudaye, hrudayam mayi, aham amrute, amrutam brahmani which are verses from the Laghunyasam. Thank Regards, Srirudra
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