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  1. I read the whole thread , some of you must have practiced also the advice given by guruji, May I and please other can know of anyone of you has got any success in overcoming their problems?
  2. hello Guruji, My name is Deepti Rangrey born on 6th Nov 1984 at 20:15 at Ambala Cantt, I have been asked to wear Neelam ratna, will that suit me ,, as i have few pending taks to accomplish
  3. hi, i am 27 years of age , in love. we both know thatw e belong to different caste and therfore our parents will not agree for the maariage , earlier he was confidante that he will be able to convince his parents but now suddenly he has switched the side and calling for break up , it is really getting difficult for me to make this happen. I don't have even a single doubt abput pur love , but now he is under his family pressure. I really need help , if please someone can me in this. if anyone needs , can provide the birth details also. thnx a lot
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