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  1. Hi Trance is not for all and novice should not try it. Without proper guidence any practice of tantra mantra or trance may harm you. Sone practice can be done easily and can be adviced to any one while some can not be done without a master or Guru. That is you may lost control over your mind or body if some practice goes wrong. So better not to get your feet wet and be away from troubled waters. If you wants to enter spritualism and wants to taste the fruits so recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times after 9 PM in front of Hanuman daity (be it in temple of home). Wear red cloths and contineous burn Agarbattis in front of the daity. This should you practice till you acheive your desire (only good desires will come true and bad desires, hurting others will not be fruitful) Punrasar Hanumanji bless you. skaa
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