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  1. hello arjunji how do i contact you? thanks
  2. I recommend Sudarshana Homam. But do not expect results overnite. Plants take time to grow after rain. It takes few weeks / few months for the "heat" to set in. I know someone who says he came out of Black Magic 99.9% after doing the above Homam. As usual one Muslim guy was the cause. Regular recitation of Sudarshana Ashtakam + listening to good devotional slokas / songs do certainly add to the positive energy. Try hindutempleofgeorgia.org / About%20Us dot html for a short cut cure. The difference between Sudarshana Homam and the Rudraksha Mala as suggested by the above site (my personal opinion) is that the former is a vaccine for the soul against any evil effects throught its existence while the other is just medicine. Om Namo Narayana!!
  3. >I am also experiencing a similar kind of problem. >My granny passed away 10 years back. I couldn't visit her >during her last days. Since then she passed away, I had >problems while sleeping, it sits on me and beats me and I >coudn't move my body even a fraction of an inch. It takes >lot of time for me to come out of that. My family members >did not believe this. Even it was clashing with my >thinking and all the time there was some negative thinking >and fighting with my spouse. In fact, I did Sudarshana >homam in temple after suggestion from some pandit. I wear >the raksha everyday before I sleep. I am seeing LOT of >difference. I am having some peace of mind. But still I >feel her presence and it is following me like a shadow >wherever I go. Is there any permanent solution to get rid >of this? If you need to overcome this (so that you get over this for the rest of existence of your soul across any further births) you would need to read a lot of literature about hindu religion. Remember, there is no shortcut to bringing divine energies to your soul. It takes time for your soul to get soaked with the fragrance of divine / auspicious energy. This is where Sudarshana Homam helps. You would need to become more regular in doing prayer on a daily basis. I recommend you listen to Lalitha Sahasranamam , Venkatesa Subrapatham, Kanda Shasti Kavacham , Baja Govindham , Iyappa songs (especially the ones by Veeramani), Rudram, Chamakam [both fall under the Vedic chanting]. <font color="green"> </font color> Shiva Stuthi , Aditya Hradhayam etc. These chantings / songs bring in positive energies that you can feel makes the negative energies reticent. I suggest you go through the following links http://www.ramanuja.org/sv/bhakti/archives/jan96/0236.html http://www.ramanuja.org/sv/bhakti/archives/mar97/0025.html If you like you can do the Homam once more so that it brings in divine energies in your life. You have probably forgotten to keep the Havis (ashes collected from the Homa Kundam) in you home. If you have missed take the same and keep it. A mere look at the Havis should do good to you. regards adhocusage_at_gmail_dot_com <font color="green"> </font color>
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