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  1. I was reading and came to know a lot of things here. The people who are affected by black magic, don't worry at all. do the following steps: 1. Don't let the negative energy spread near you. Be positive and have a great faith on your GOD, because he is the only one who can save you from these stuff. 2. Always pray in the morning and evening. In between if you have some time, always take his name. Don't do it in your heart, speak and say while closing your eyes like for example :"Ram Ram Jai Shri Ram, Jai Jai Ram Jai Shree Ram". I mean this is not important that which God you have to go for, you take the name of your own GOD where you have a belief. 3. Still for Hindu's Please read Hanuman Chalisa as much as you can but everyday. Don't forget to take the name of Shri Ram after Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Take the Name of Shri Ram 108 times at least. And later say like this" Hye Shri Hanuman, aapko mera parnam sawikar ho. Jis tarah aapne Shri Ram ji ki bure waqt mei apna sath diya tha, aapko shri ram ji ka wasta, usi tarah meri madad kariye aur muzhe is musibat se bahar nikaliye". you will see the results in few days only. But keep a strong faith on Shri Hanuman ji. 4. Take few green chillies and keep it in sun for few days. After this take 1 lemon and have a juice of that leman in some bowl. Now put some drops of that lemon on that chillies and later burn those chillies. Now, what ever the ash you have of those parts, just drop them on the main gate of yours. You will see the results very soon. You have to do this once only. Anyday you can do this. Guys, only positive energy is the one who can cure you. What ever the mantra, pooja you do, do it with full belief, the results will be with you soon. Respect everyone. Wish you guys very best of luck, want to know more, can email me, no issues. cheers.
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