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  1. I was considering going to India the next December actually for a 10 day Vipassana and to meet distant relatives. Can you write your email, I would like to pick your brain regarding everything.
  2. In my life, I have committed many sins. I am a good person, I believe. But sometimes I would turn to other paths because I enjoy extremes... end result, was chaos and burning bridges with relationships. I am doing fine now but it took me a lot to finally get me straight. My girlfriend broke up with me and ran into another relationship to get over me; I lost a year of school; parents have given up on me and considered me the black sheep (when once I was the star child); I gained lots of weight... I finally see myself now and I realized that to get all these things fixed, I need to hold God's hand and allow him to lift me. I have made some lifestyle changes and have started to show true ambition in my work. Please give me advice on a mantra to do where God will help me remove the sins that I have committed. Right now, I am doing the Gayatri mantra (1 rosary) and I am doing a small 10 minutes of simple bhajans. It helps me feel better. I am considering doing Vashikaran for my ex girlfriend because I love her so much and really she has even noticed a change in me. Now I want to learn a mantra where my sins can be omitted. I understand that nothing is a quick fix; I am going to do all these prayers for the rest of my life. If anyone can help me, please help me.
  3. i am very interested, please share your knowledge with me. it would mean a lot to me.
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